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China Sex Doll Rental “The Epitome of Loneliness”


China has tried to get a step ahead of Japan in regards to catering to single men who need relief from their loneliness with “Touch”, a Beijing-based startup that allows participants to rent sex dolls and then return them after the user’s loneliness has been ejected.

Initially launching as a place where individuals could discuss sex and sexuality, Touch soon became a virtual brothel where buyers could get inanimate prostitutes delivered to their door, preventing NEETs from having to venture out into the real world.

Only five models are currently available for purchase: “Greek bikini model”, “US Wonder Woman”, “Korean housewife”, “Russian teenager” and “Hong Kong car race cheerleader”:








A single day of plastic ecstasy will cost buyers $45, but the sex dolls can also be rented out for an entire week for almost $200 after laying down a $1220 deposit – to promote their service, the company announced that they will be giving away 20,000 condoms, items that will no doubt go unused considering the service’s target demographic.

Those worried about hygiene will be reassured to hear that the company says it changes the doll’s lower parts for every customer…

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  • Well, as long as it’s cleaned out completely after each usage, at least this is better than dealing with real women. At least sex dolls don’t judge you the way flesh-and-blood women do.

    Too bad prostitutes in another part of the world were feeling threatened when something like this was set up nearby that they had to sic the cops on them to shut it down, if memory serves me right.

    Speaks volumes, don’t you think?

        • Hentail Feathers says:

          Or just stop being a dick and pretending like the whole of women out there are nothing but bitching cunts who never put out.

          I’ve no problem finding fun-going chicks in life who aren’t total whores, but down for a night of fun. You should try this thing called “adulthood.” It’s pretty fun, once you get the hang of it.

          But carry on, with your dollies. You and Barbie can enjoy your life together. Invite me to the wedding, via VR goggles or whatever other geekdom you decide.

    • Hentail Feathers says:

      They change the bottom part of the doll. But I read nothing about how they clean the rest of the doll–the mouth, the breasts, the armpits, etc. And I’d think that nobody’s that thorough with cleaning all the time. Don’t blacklight your sex dolls!

    • Just in case you don’t realize, women too are fed and tired of being used as ‘under contract maids and prostitutes’ by men just because they made the mistake to marry them. We need our male sex dolls too, and I’m sure we’re going to get some. At least those won’t become flacid after less than 1 minute of selfish, boring sex.

    • Hentail Feathers says:

      …How pathetic. If you can’t land a decent chick, that’s your problem, virgin. Besides, you’re ironically judging chicks here. Maybe you’re just lacking as a dude. You sound insecure and wimpy as fuck.

      • Then why are you here wasting your time shitting on other people’s choices instead of chasing that pussy you love to fuck so much?

        You should respect other people’s decision on what they want to do with their time and money just as we respect you chasing real women for sex instead of putting other people down and shaming them with words of “pathetic” “virgin”, “can’t get laid” or anything else like that, like a combination of a macho alpha armchair quarterback, social justice keyboard warrior and troll all rolled up into one. You respect our decision, we respect yours. You respect people’s decision to purchase and use sex dolls the way they want, and we respect your decision to have sex with as many real women as you want.

        Got it?

      • Economists such as Adam Smith, Fredrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or Pierre Lemieux would teach us that, since people respond to incentives, when the price of something becomes perceived as too high, alternatives will be found. Thus the Rise of the Sex Doll and, soon, the Sex Bot.

        • I usually don’t get into these kind of threads, because the people who tend to show up are either wannabe alphas trying to shit all over other people they know literally nothing about, or know-it-all neckbeards defending said people with logical fallacies and bullshit idealism. Both of these types of people just make me too sad to want to read further. But YOU, good sir or madam, have made me want to comment. I want to get that last couple of lines on a damn t-shirt. Nobody else seems to get that simple little concept and they try and throw morality at it, like a plastic depiction of a human is something to be afraid of.

        • “Pussy is probably the world’s first commodity. Early women probably offered pussy to the man who could bring home the biggest deer or something.”

          You are right. It’s called “hypergamy”, the propensity of women to seek out the strongest/wealthiest possible mate. Guys like Elon Musk or Leonardo DiCaprio will never have problems getting women.

          However the free market is always great at providing solutions for any demand out there. The growing presence of sex dolls on the sexual marketplace is indicative of a growing demand. While sex dolls wil not replace women, they will provide competition. We have seen recent stories of sex dolls actually outperforming women out of Spain and Germany.

          Sex is a free market. If people are getting into the sex doll business, it’s because there’s money to be made there.

        • Hentail Feathers says:

          Nah, women will adapt somehow. Pussy is probably the world’s first commodity. Early women probably offered pussy to the man who could bring home the biggest deer or something.

          Pussy will always be good enough for men to vie over. I don’t see that instinct changing in human nature.

          Instead of mere sex dolls and sexbots, I think sugar babies for men with average salaries, and Patreon-style brothels are probably the future.

          I think sugar babies will just become more affordable for the average guy. And plenty of females around will find some way of running Patreon-style businesses for pussy, keeping her business with a select few trusted male clients.

          I just don’t see the world at large seeing such a shift, that other nations start looking as pathetic as Japan does, with guys being in their 30s without a single sexual experience with a girl.

        • Hentail Feathers says:

          Role-playing? Said a guy defending sex with a fake partner?

          Dude, I’m not the fucker around here exaggerating how awful women are, just because getting laid seems to be too difficult for you dorks.

          There are some real bitches out there, but shit, you guys act like it’s rocket science to find a decent chick and buttering her up for a good time in bed.

          I wouldn’t have even insulted you dweebs if you didn’t go acting like it’s so impossible to find a chick who wants some dick without biting your head off for it.

      • Landing a decent chick isn’t the problem its the money and time that comes with it.

        Not all virgins feel comfortable or have the courage to be judged by a girl’s judgement. In these days their standards have become higher sure every girl wants a good man, but they can be very specific that they dont even give you a chance. Especially if they just want a “Bad Boy” this is the reason I prefer women a little older than me

        For Asian men they have less time to do any dating b/c I mean they are workaholics we already covered this in Japan’s issue. Your logic is that if we choose to not be in a real relationship we are insecure and wimpy see how stupid that sounds. Some folks just dont have the time to go out fishing for women or don’t want to become shark bait in a bad relationship.

        • Is that why you feel you have to respond to every comment supporting this trend. Be honest, you’re no different from every other fat NEET nerd on this site jerking it to every hentai post they find. Your avatar is clearly evident of that.

        • Hentail Feathers says:

          Nah, just plain superiority, apparently.

          Apparently, I’m the only one around here who knows how to find a chick who’s tolerable and doesn’t made letting me fuck her brains out.

          Sorry, if you’re too inept at achieving a basic human experience.

          It’s not so much the sex dolls that’s the pathetic aspect. It’s the way you fuckers shit on women, just because you can’t land a decent one.

          You defend the matter so strongly, because you’re shit at being men.

      • “decent chick”

        yeah, we’re all lacking so hard that we project in all of our “i’m so much better than all of you, trust me, i’m the only non-loser on the internet” comments that we make.

        We’re all lacking so much that most of us are too afraid to waste the time making a named account with a picture too.

        One day we’ll be able to pick up ugly fat skanks like you and brag to our friends about it as they awkwardly agree as to not offend our self-depreciating taste in women.

  • hmmm…

    we don’t shame women publicly when we learn that they are stretching their vaginas in their hitachis or horsedong 3000…

    but when some guys who have no chance of getting laid with a flesh and blood female decides to invest on a sexdoll to relieve stress and form a semblance of a relationship…

    said females cry bloody murder…


  • Back in 2009. These dolls would have been filled with trash oil, accidentally explosive materials and styrofoam. Fucking one would have resulted in getting spiked up the ass, foaming in the mouth followed by an explosion.

  • Hentail Feathers, keep staying classy there, real respectful towards women and other people’s personal choices, with your “real bitches” and “fake partner” comments.

    Even if your account looks like another one of those last active 2 month ago fresh accounts, I like your avater and many of your previous non-shat comments, so I will just leave these as examples.

    E.g.1 : The life of Robin Williams, a follow anime fan, or the lives of the few “mainstream” “sexiest men alive” twice, Brad Pitt or Jonny Depp. Nuff said.

    E.g.2 : ttps://
    Applicable to VR waifu, doll waifu, or any other types of fictional waifu, for those of us who actually likes anime on here, unlike most of the poser troll who hates on any and every anime, except “animu” live actions like some fake ass “basement weeboo”.

    Life is too short to waste away with someone who don’t share the same interests, preferences, & way of life, and unlike you or most fuckers without much actual principles, if I am not ready to take that on and wed them, I will not bed them.

    And since I have lived in close quarters with vastly different groups of people of all genders from many corners in different parts of the world, learned from their positive and negative experiences, and made it by justly earning it, so I really don’t care for the directives of someone still figuring things out.

    1 x 85%+ of the prizes of today are free goods for “the ONE”, but used goods of varying quality for “the settled one”, mostly as inferior used goods without the past qualities of the intangible goods, attached with the costing prices of brand new luxuary goods or superior, not to mention all the other hidden costs, financial or otherwise.


    N+1 x 99%+ of the new prizes are substitute “necessity or not” goods, with the quality of brand new superior goods, and the costing prices of ordinary goods. Could have been complementary goods instead of substitute goods, but that is not going to happen realistically on a long term basis for the vast majority.

  • Well that seems clever. I wouldn’t want to own one of these (what with cost of storage in densely-packed China and all), what if I don’t like it for example?

    But based on the images, unless the “lower part” is miles above the disposable wank egg, this heavily fails as wank material. Ms. Palm’s five daughters have body heat, and actual porn is just good enough to make do wrt not being a flesh-and-blood woman, just for two examples.

    Maybe they’ll get better some time? These look like China copies of realdolls so far, not Cherry 2000.

  • This white knight seems to be really upset that people are complaining about women. How pathetic do have to be to believe that women are above criticism and that all “real men” think that women are amazing.

  • I challenge anyone to find a worse comments section than SC. There could be a story about how someone found a rock in the woods and there would be fucking 200 comments hysterically arguing about it.

  • Nothing but gold diggers blackwidow murders praying on men across the #USA you cant marry any female here they are all trained since 2nd grade to farm and kill men for life insurance policy pay outs. Get yours on amaz TPE silicone sex dolls.

  • I have a different opinion, since China is known to provide cheaper products (yes it is worrisome if low quality silicone is toxic too)

    But competition would be of great benefit to consumers, since the Japanese and American versions are almost as expensive as a popular car !!

    I think it would also be a start of how androids and robots will be accepted into society.

    Autonomous cars and machines, taking jobs from truckers and taxi drivers as well as agriculture, now silicone girls taking jobs from one of the oldest professions in the world!

    Unemployment will be beautiful problem in the years to come.
    Population control will be implemented one way or another!

      • Hentail Feathers says:

        A dude fucking a sex doll inherently more pathetic than some chick using a dildo to get off. Seriously. Nothing more pathetic than needing a sex doll, in a world where women slightly outnumber men and there’s no shortage of females who want to the D.

        • No you sound like a troll who has to act all superior to make up for your own sad excuse of a life.

          You’re probably just another fat obnoxious fuck looking to get pussy by pretending to understand woman more than the rest of us.

          Pathetic fake loser.

          BTW your avatar doesn’t support your argument.

        • Ok, you have your point of view, some alpha male USA bs, silicon doll and barbie are the same thing :I will not play doll house ..

          Or you are a feminist sympathizer and this offends the narrative ..
          Nothing against defending, but ridiculing as pathetic the point of view of others coming from a country where feminists spit on men, worse on whites ..

          If a part of the majority include lesbians makes no difference to any men.

          I’ve always liked robots and android stuff I consider a step ahead and not backwards.
          Should I have one? maybe if I had the money to pay, then to your standard I’m one of the pathetic ..Thanks

        • Why, because *you* say so? You sound like a married guy desperately trying to convince himself he hasn’t made the stupidest decision of his life by getting hitched. Go crawl to your wife and ask her fish your balls out of her purse and let you use them for an hour. Remember to kiss her feet like a good little slave, er, I mean husband.

        • @ Hentail Feathers
          “no shortage of women”
          do you know the principle of concentration or 20/80 rule ?
          80% of women fuck 20% of men.

          Currently, lot of men within the 80% have it far harder than men within the 20%.

          Anyway a doll do not prevent any man from dating.
          there are 2 types of rape: sexual pleasure rape and violence/control/degradation rape.
          A doll lower the occurrence of rape of sexual pleasure.

        • Hentail Feathers says:

          Jeez, you virgins need to get laid.

          No, I sound like a guy who’s experienced in finding a chick who isn’t bat-shit crazy, and I’m not so much of a prick to appreciate such women.

          You fucking children have no idea how to be men. That’s why you’re so hung up on defending sex dolls.

          Pathetic losers.

  • Picture 5 years later someone sees couple of hundred of these piling up in some countryside compound, instant creepypasta material.

    I bet the second hand or the thrown out ones are real popular with the homeless scrapper dudes, finally they can bust a nut without sneaking up on some night jogger and rape their corpse.

  • The face modeling is impressive. A little more development in this area in terms of face and skin realism, and we could have something akin to Shield’s Life Model Decoys from Marvel Comics.

    Not as technologically advanced of course, but you could set one up as a decoy for various situations, like protecting a VIP. Stick one near a window, see if the decoy takes a bullet… then you know there’s a threat.

  • Actually i don’t know if i want a child born from a woman,yes i am interested in sex but taking care of children while i already have to care for one because my sister is already a single mother while her son is only 5 years old,and i was watching over him from 3 years old and it takes my time away,but i still like to be in his company just not too much as it usually happens.
    Otherwise i only percieve myself as straight,not into gay.

      • Hentail Feathers says:

        You know, they’ve got this thing called “STD tests.” It’s where you test the person for STDs, and if they pass, you can enjoy their ass.

        Honestly, in renting a sex doll, you’re trusting these people to clean these dolls, and you don’t know how thorough they truly are.

        You don’t want to be the first case of contracting something, because some dumb-ass employee forgot to clean out the mouth of the doll.

        Nothing more pathetic than getting an STD…from a doll.

        • You are not a guy, you are a woman. Sex dolls anger you because you are a used up slut that can’t compete with a silicone/tpe doll. The only losers are those that put up with women’s bullshit. Can’t lose a game if you aren’t playing it. Economics bitch! You aren’t worth my male gaze.

        • HF, you certainly seem to be quite interested in making sure we all know that we’re far more pathetic than you are.

          For the sake of argument, let’s stipulate that you are, indeed, the least pathetic man currently alive on the planet Earth.

          Now, given that, we who are interested in sex dolls can go do our thing and not be around women, and you can go be around women and, hey, how about ignoring the sex doll topic? With so many women out there, especially so many lonely women given all of us pathetic losers who can’t get any of them, why aren’t you out there with all those women?

          Wouldn’t an actual non-pathetic manly man never have seen this post in the first place, being far too busy pounding his thunderous man meat into so many quivering love tunnels?

          Who are you trying to convince more, us or yourself?

        • Hentail Feathers says:

          1. I DO enjoy a life out there with all those women. I’m not claiming to be some Casanova or anything–I’m just a fairly average guy, and I’m saying that if these guys weren’t so “ew, real girls have cooties,” then maybe you’d land some decent women, from time to time.

          2. I’m hanging around here because I don’t live in a world of either-or. That is, I can enjoy some actual company from time to time, AND enjoy the fantasy of hentai-related art.

          This article caught my eye, and I simply took an interest to answer some folks. It’s FUN talking to people, and telling it like it is, in a room full of virgins.

          Just why you think having a real woman negates one’s interest in hentai, is beyond me.

          3. I’m not trying to you guys of anything. You can’t convince” people of anything they’re not willing to see. MY whole point here is that you don’t have to insult the whole of women, just because you can’t get any pussy in real life.

          I wouldn’t have even said anything, if weren’t for all the pathetic “Ew, women are whores anything” and “Ew, women give you too much lip.” It’s so fucking puerile.

          Don’t question why I’m here questioning you guys–question why so many pathetic losers here feel the need to shit on women, just to validate their interest in sex dolls and sexbots.

  • I mean this is bad in it’s own right, since this could cause alot of development problems with confindence and guys trying to get out of their shells, but then again this is also good cause it might even fix that very same problem with guys who might use this as a simulation to get with real women, this would also probably cause less molestation events and violence cause it might reduce alot of stress, either way to each their own! good luck china!

  • Wow this is idiotic.and the arguments against women in the comments are at total nob level (greetings, vile nobs!) Here’s hpoinh you can aford your rubber non robotic wannabe robots to stick your ducks into, filthy plebs

    Your neighbor,
    The asshole

    • Idk if that asshole is an sjw or not. But I’ve seen how sjws work. They’re like cancer. They infiltrate communities and destroy them from the inside by posting shits to divide us. Gotta be careful, fellow people.

      • …unless that asshole is actually a butt ugly feminist who just wants to see the world burn posing as an alpha male. Those long ass comments of that thing remind me of those goddamn sjws to be honest. Seems plausible.

        • Not everyone calling your guys as pathetic are feminists or SJWs.

          Some of us are just men who are capable of finding fun-going gals, and enjoying actual human sexuality, rather than investing all our hopes and dreams of busting a nut into an oversized Barbie.

          I wouldn’t even insult you guys if so many of you didn’t go insulting the WHOLE of women, as if there ain’t cool chicks out there who’ll suck your dick and make you pot brownies afterwards.

          You don’t deserve the decent chicks in life. Thus why you need sex dolls, and dream of a day of sex bot brothels or whatever. Pathetic.

          You weren’t developed by evolutionary means, just to seek out the fertility traits of a bunch of plastic. Stop being so pathetic and you’ll find women who aren’t pathetic.