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Satomi Yuria Wants To Get Married


After a semen-soaked career that spans over 10 years and 400 movies, AV actress Satomi Yuria feels like maybe she has accomplished as much as she can in the field of film. Now it’s time to settle down and get married.

Those who would like to know more about the potential bride will soon be able to pick up her autobiography recounting her colorful past all the way back to her first sexual experience at 12 years old. That plus the difficulties she experienced doing compensated dating are recounted in: The Girl Can’t Help It: Sex and Money.

The risks of going out with unknown men in uncontrolled situations being too much she turned to AV where she found great success at the age of 18.

Although her potential partner should be aware that they will have to do the taxes as she “forgot” between 2007 and 2013 which caused some difficulty with the Tokyo Tax bureau, but it did give the public a peek into her finances. She earned 45 million yen from movies and took nearly 200 million yen from various “boyfriends”… Certainly there will be an expected level of lifestyle to be maintained after nuptials.

At the moment Satomi doesn’t make that many movies as she works as a regular hostess at a bar in Roppongi.

While she understands the difficulty of finding a potential mate, she doesn’t seem to have many regrets about her career choices.

“I think becoming an AV actress was great. Fans come to events, and they also visit me at the hostess club. Since I have this feeling that I have done enough in AV, I might retire. After this, I want to get married. I hope to meet someone who will accept my past.”

Some images to whet the appetites of potential suitors:







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