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Sailor Moon & Final Fantasy Headed to USJ


Universal Studios Japan has announced that it will be collaborating with the widely worshiped Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy franchises as part of its “Universal Cool Japan” project, perfect for the otaku masses and particularly the hardcore gamers as Mario was previously revealed to be joining as well.

Previous years have seen to collaborations with other highly successful franchises such as Shingeki no Kyojin and Resident Evil; according to a promotional image provided via the theme park’s official website, Detective Conan and Monster Hunter will be making a return along with newcomers Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy.

Theorists have already speculated that Final Fantasy VII and the original Sailor Moon anime (as opposed to the Sailor Moon Crystal remake) will have a heavy focus as the promotional image features the RPG’s protagonist and Sailor Moon in her original art-style.

The Final Fantasy, Detective Conan and Monster Hunter attractions will open on January 19th and the Sailor Moon attraction will follow suit sometime in the spring – they will stay in operation until June 24th.

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