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Hajimete no Gal Simuldub Clip “Dubs Are Getting Worse”




A sample English dub clip for Hajimete no Gal has been released to coax dub-loving westerners into watching Funimation’s simuldub of the perverted series, with some believing the quality of English dubbing to be heading into a downward spiral what with the use of such lines as “pals before gals”.

The painful clip:

YouTube’s clueless denizens however seemingly regard the dub as a masterpiece:

“Ayyyy this is the shit bruuuhhhhhh best dub this year.”

“The dub is the fucking best! They just had so much fun with it, and it just makes the anime so much better.”

“The script is perfectly fine, as is Junichi’s voice, I don’t like his main friend’s voice though. Jap dub does that character far better.”

“Wow thats some bad dubbing and I don’t mean voice acting I mean recording quality, your one guy sounded like his lines were recorded in a booth or on a poor quality mic, its jarring. I hope the mix is better on the DVD.”

“While I do like this anime, there is one character that really makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. And I think we all know which character that is!”

“I love this anime it’s funny as shit the only problem I got with this is that fat fuck who’s obsessed with little girls.”

“Is ‘Gal’ slang for something?? Because I’m trying to figure that out. Does it mean something different in Japan?”

“I still can’t figure out what the title means ‘…girlfriend is a gal’.”

“My first girlfriend was a total let down she fucking cheated on me and went for some chubby dude I was so pissed I wanted to take her back but I punched the guy in the face and well I just let her go she wasn’t even good for me anyway.”

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