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Netflix Death Note Director Quits Twitter Over Death Threats

Adam Wingard

Adam Wingard, the director of Netflix’s live action Death Note movie, has deleted his Twitter account after being deluged with death threats and insults, unsurprisingly pouring in even before the script was written.

Devoted fans of the Death Note series who had been vocal about how much they despise Netflix’s “interpretation” were also flinging insults at the director, prompting him into foolishly defending himself against the rabid masses, a bad idea on his part as it resulted in him being hit with an even greater abundance of hate.

Some of Adam Wingard’s tweets toward his aggressors:



The grotesque personal attacks and death threats from all the anonymous assailants apparently ended up proving too much for the director as he then deleted his Twitter account, which will no doubt be regarded as a “victory” amongst Death Note purists everywhere…

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