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DMM’s Yashiro ni Hoheto Cancelled




DMM has announced that their shrine anthropomorphization game Yashiro ni Hoheto has been cancelled, a result of them apparently being unable to provide a level of service they deem acceptable, though naturally many are suspecting the game’s previous controversy or overall lack of interest to have played a major role…

Yashiro ni Hoheto, an RPG slated for release this summer revolving around existing shrines being anthropomorphized into charming maidens, has had its development suspended – an official statement from DMM:

“Thank you for your continued support of DMM Games.

In regards to DMM Game’s pure Japanese-style simulation RPG “Yashiro ni Hoheto”, we have decided to announce that we are suspending development on the title.

As a result, we are reporting that both distribution and pre-registrations from hereafter will all be suspended.

Since the announcement of the title on March 15th, development has continued to improve the quality of the game and for the sake of eradicating any and all defects; but as a result of frequent examinations, we’ve concluded that there are issues concerning providing players with a quality stable service and therefore have decided to stop development.

We apologize sincerely to our customers who have been waiting patiently to play Yashiro ni Hoheto and are sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Furthermore, all personal information used for the pre-registrations and notifications will be destroyed.

We look forward to your continued patronage of DMM Games.






The upcoming game had been bombarded with negative criticism due to it “misrepresenting” the serious business of Shinto, whilst also simplifying the complex fortune telling present at shrines by classifying them as solely “good” or “bad”.

As a clear cash grab based on the success of Kantai Collection, sadly it seems unlikely to be missed…

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