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Bungie Cucks Over Destiny 2 KEKs


Controversy has emerged from Bungie’s recently released FPS Destiny 2 as the design for one of its items bears the legend “KEK” – a meme born of the chans and associated with the evils of the uncucked right.

The “Kekistan” flag, an embellishment of the original “Kek” memes by the more embarrassingly autistic members of 4chan, of course resembles a Nazi flag:


The hateful armor and its “kekkish” design:



While it has not been confirmed if the design was an intentional tribute to the meme, websites have used the controversy as an opportunity to label the meme as a symbol of white supremacy, causing Bungie to remove the item from the game and immediately issue a Gamergate-tier apology to try and rectify the situation:



Internet reactions to the situation:

“Nice! Can’t wait for milk to become another hate symbol!”

“This just confirms /pol has made kek into something pretty powerful that a huge company like bungee loses their shit over nothing basically.”

“Why are these people so quick to get offended?”

“Who the fuck gets to decide if these things are even ‘hate symbols’, the defintion is basically defined now as “anything that triggers lefty fucks who are triggered by everything.”

“Hope they find the dude who snuck this in and get rid of him. too close to be a coincidence imo.”

“So fed up with this 4chan Kekistan bullshit. Some artist definitely meant to put this in.”

“I really hope Bungie figures out how this happened and fires anyone who knowingly approved this symbol to be in the game.”

“Someone is gonna get fired or demoted. Hope it was worth it, asshole.”

“Man it sucks that that kek is a bad thing now.”

“Kek is now a white supremacy thing? Damn…wtf?”

“I wouldnt say Kek is white supremacy but the logo with the green makes it.”

“Was a fan of Destiny 1 and held off on this. Definitely not buying this now.”

“Why is everything turned into a white supremacist thing? Wasn’t kek translated lol in WoW when you were the other faction? How do we go from that to white supremacy? And who decides who owns something? Who makes the most memes?”

Naturally some have speculated that Bungie purposely made the design in order to stir up controversy and generate attention for the game…

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