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One Piece Spoiler Posters Arrested


Three individuals who uploaded pre-release scans of the newest issue of One Piece have been arrested, with police apparently intent on prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law for the greater glory of Japan’s mega-publishing houses.

Apparently the first crime of its kind in Japan, the three offenders secured a copy of the latest Weekly Shonen Jump (which serializes popular pirate manga One Piece) before it went on sale at stores, scanned the pages and uploaded them to their “spoiler” sites – causing them to be arrested for violating Japanese copyright law (similar to what some publishers already threatened).

The three culprits ran two websites (with two of them running one while the third operated another), one a year old while the other was running for three, in total supposedly accruing over over $3.5 million in revenue – a sign of just how popular the franchise is and how desperately fans want to get their hands on the latest chapters at no expense.

A spokesperson for One Piece publisher Shueisha said that they were “angered” by the criminals profiting off Eiichiro Oda who “poured his heart and soul into the work”, a sentiment that more skeptical fans of the series and its refusal to end will no doubt find quite amusing.

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