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BBC News: “Digital Blackface Is A Thing”




BBC News has discovered something new for feminists and SJWs to be offended by, with the posting of “negro reaction gifs” now apparently regarded as a fledgling new hate crime dubbed as “digital blackface” – the internet version of the original blackface, humorously enough.

The ludicrous video, which has over 42,000 dislikes and comes with a warning stating “this video contains historical footage of blackface minstrel shows which you may find offensive”:

Only a handful of comments mocking the stupidity contained in the video:

“How dare she suggest that us whites can’t wear dreads but she can straighten her hair/wear a straight weave?”

“BBC should make an official apology to the good people of UK whose TV tax money are being wasted in the making of this video.”

“In fact, I think you’re the racist one. I see a MAN laughing, clapping, or making a face; you see a BLACK MAN laughing, clapping, or making a face. What the heck is wrong with you?”

“Flagged for Racism.”

“…..this can’t be real… the fuck did this video get published…?”

“Why is that black woman appropriating an upper class British accent that’s a natural linguisto-cultural feature distinct to ethno-white people of Anglo-Norman descent???”

“Surprisingly this isn’t Buzzfeed. This video alone is racist, think before you say stupid shit like this on the internet.”

“People use the emoji because of the expression on the face, NOT because of the color of the skin. But nice of you to assume that. Who is the real racist here? ….oh that’s right. In the SJW world, black people can’t be racist.”

Whether BBC are simply trolling for views (and subsequently the YouTube revenue) with this or unironically believe it to be true is not clear – although with their recent diversification from fake news into fake history, it seems more than likely they do believe their own propaganda…

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