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Japan’s Women Decry Beta Males: “You Must Approach Us!”


Japanese women are again complaining of being surrounded by passive beta herbivores who for some inexplicable reason refuse to wife them up, with a recent survey revealing 60% of Japanese men having never dated with an eye towards marriage – and the survey authors naturally conclude men are to blame, as “the conventional wisdom is that the approach must come from the man, but now many men have passive attitudes to romance.”

A survey of 3296 single men and women aged 25-34 undertaken by the Meiji Yasuda Institute of Life and Wellness regarding their views of marriage and dating revealed shocking levels of male tepidity towards female aspirations of wifery.

51.1% of respondents confessed to having no experience of “serious” dating predicated on marriage, with the 39.4% of women ‘carousel riders somewhat outnumbered by the 62.7% of men wise to the schemes of the 60.6%.

The most common reasons women dumped men who were interested in marrying them up indicate the female prerogative is alive and well in Japan even if it threatens spinsterhood – 23.9% found “we just weren’t compatible” and another 23.9% “had doubts about this guy being marriage material”, and fully 48.2% of women claimed to have been the ones to dump their marriage-minded suitor compared to only 33% of men.

Female hypergamy too was more than evident – 7.8% of women dumped their partner because they “thought someone better would come along,” as compared to a mere 1.9% of men.

Most women also claimed they would never date a man who wouldn’t submit to marriage eventually – 58.7% of women who “had marriage in mind” whilst dating said they would dump the guy the instant he refused to ring them up, and an unsurprising 68.5% of women who would “only date guys seriously thinking of marriage” would also ditch the man who refused to hitch.

As usual, money was also a major factor too; over a third of women outright refused to consider marrying a man who made less than 8 million yen a year – for reference, this is approximately 7% of Japanese taxpayers, irrespective of age, sex or marital status.

These women – all of whom, it must be remembered, were themselves expired if not outright rotten “Chistmas cake” aged 25 to 34 – of course earned meagre salaries themselves, with 56.5% of women who wanted to net a husband earning over 4 million yen earning between 2 and 3 million yen a year themselves.

Understandably against this backdrop, 80% of men “hoped” their bride would continue working after marriage, whilst 90% of women “wouldn’t mind even if they had to keep working” (the questions for some reason being worded differently…).

The institute commented that “the conventional wisdom is that the approach must come from the man, but now many men have passive attitudes to romance – the result is that many do not reach the stage of serious dating as a prelude to marriage,” conveniently choosing to ignore how many women preferred to remain single rather than settle.

The blue-pilled canard that men are to blame for the plight of all these poor unmarried maidens is apparently not something the masses of 2ch are prepared to swallow, with many now clearly more interested in going their own way (or at least not being suckered into a modern marriage):

“We don’t approach women because we don’t want to be arrested.”

“If a guy confesses his love to a woman nowadays it is treated as harassment, no wonder so few men do.”

“And none of these women would approach a guy themselves I’m sure.”

“Stick to delivery health guys. Legalise it now FFS.”

“Take care of your lusts at a brothel or on the Internet, and use domestic appliances to take care of the housework. There’s no need for a real wife which costs so much to maintain.”

“Considering the legal risks faced by men in marrying nobody could recommend it, that’s really all that matters in this.”

“A nice guy has no chance of success, and his approaches will be treated as harassment. In sum, all approaches from guys other than Chad are harassment.”

“Women need to wise up and stop their fascination with clothing and hair styles no men are interested in if they want to catch the eye of guys.”

“Totally. I hate those fucking fringes all the AKB girls have. And all the latest fashions completely conceal all female contours, they look like something a pregnant woman would wear.”

“Unlimited porn is to blame. Limit male access to porn and when they get horny enough they will approach!”

“I can only think of married guys as masochistic perverts. Maybe they can’t help it if they are workers though.”

“Why must the guy approach? This is discrimination!”

“Nobody would approach all those uggos and old hags anyway.”

“Many Japanese women support male conscription. Why? So once Japanese men fall on the battlefield they can marry a white!”

“1. Men must confess their love to women.
2. Women choose the man.
3. If she doesn’t like him, it’s harassment.
4. If guys don’t approach women and there are more unmarried women, it is all the fault of men.
Fucking females are trash, aren’t they?”

“They preach equality of the sexes whilst these pitiful women demand to be approached and remain completely passive. No woman would propose to a guy and buy him a ring, now would they? They won’t even go dutch on a date…”

“If you approach and are shot down, she’ll tell all her friends and you’ll be socially hamstrung. It’s too risky.”

“Most men are just waiting for the robots and AIs now, and you can bet they’ll be more than satisfied with them.”

“Once they are in their thirties it is too late for them anyway.”

“In Japan they’ll start getting asked ‘why aren’t you married?’ from 25 on.”

“Now that I think of it, isn’t saying that it is common wisdom that men must approach but that there are huge numbers of passive men who won’t approach something of a paradox?”

“They mean ‘common wisom (amongst our female overlords)’…”

“Women: If you’re not a rich Chad don’t come near me, I’ll turn you into a criminal.

Men: Understood.


“In the real society, dating and marriage is reduced to all women scrambling to get at a few Chads. Men no women will touch and the women broken and discarded by Chads are all that remains, the real issue is what to do with this lot. But men no women will touch can still rent a woman, whilst Chad’s cast-offs can only vent on 2ch. What an age we live in.”

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