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Hyper Universe Censored “Not Due to SJWs – Really!”



South Korean side-scrolling beat-em-up MOBA Hyper Universe (which is being published by Nexon America in the west) is apparently getting the China treatment for its western version as the character art for the game’s many scantily clad maidens are being altered to be less “offensive”, a decision the company insists is not because of SJWs, even though it probably is.

Players began accumulating comparison images of the western version and the sexier Korean version, revealing that not only was the character art altered but the breast physics as well – the run cycle for one of the game’s female characters in the Korean version:

The American version, which has significantly less jiggle:

A few of the comparison images:









A Nexon community administrator addressed the changes, which were apparently done due to complaints at a PAX event about the females being “too sexy” and “unsuitable for all ages”:

“In alpha, there was a pretty hot debate in a forum thread (which ended up being our longest forum thread for alpha) about how the females are presented in the game, 5 forum pages later a few people agreed that a compromise between super busty/skimpy and covering up might be for the best.

This is what we are attempting to do.

We want to keep the appeal of the female characters (and males for that matter!) while not offending anyone. We want to keep the artist’s integrity in-check, but make the game inviting to not only play, but watch as well.”

Naturally, many have immediately pointed to SJWs being the likely culprit of this change, but the same community administrator had claimed that it was done for a different reason:

“The feedback we have gotten are from people who HAVE played the game and WANT to play, but due to things like having young children present or other reasons, don’t feel comfortable playing the game at home.”

Blaming the problem on cucked men who can’t even enjoy their own red-blooded tastes in the privacy of their own home is of course likely a much safer option than tackling a legion of feminists and their army of gaming media shills.

A video summarizing the censorship debacle:

Thankfully, modders have already devised a way to revert the changes imposed on Hyper Universe, which can be done by any and all now.

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  • Meh this is censorship? you should see how they do it in muslim countries that decides to show any anime content or racy material from videogames if ever…

    Well that’s the west for you… depictions of gore and extreme violence are A-ok but show some girl wearing something with a plunging neckline in a videogame or any media and all the Bureaucrats in the whole country are crying bloody murder…

    it doesn’t help if said mamamaries came from a fictional non-existant character… stop with that gay shit Johnny! I didn’t raise you to be a weabo! here’s a .357Magnum and some weed…be like a normal kid and shoot up your school or something…kids these days…

  • wow, Definitely won’t buy/play. I disapprove of censorship of any kind, its not about tits or w/e its about not liking ANY form of censorship. WTF happened to creative freedom.

    killing people is fine but a little small cleavage and everyone loses their shit.

    BS this wasn’t due to SJW, this game can go die in a ditch.

  • Well not buying it. It got my attention because the nice art and animation, but I do not like MOBA games that favor those who spend the most cash and I do not support censorship. They can keep the game in Korea if they are going to treat us like children or second class.


    Make two versions of games like this, see which sells more. Tons of games have special editions, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. And then we can say “Oh you don’t like the art style? Play the regular version. It’s more for kids than adults.”

    This will show if SJWs even BUY games if the watered down one sits on the shelf.

  • I know its going to be an unpopular opinion but I feel the reason was more greed esports money than SJW’s thinking this is too problematic.
    Most of them are still pretty “sexulised” and I would honestly imagen anyone who was offended by the original design is still upset by the current one.
    They still have big boobs, they’re still quite in your face about it only it’s been toned down.
    It feels more along the lines of putting a skimpy thong bikini on a nude woman than giving her a full blown hijab and muslim clothing.

    Doesn’t make it any more right and I’ll be getting the uncensored patch if I were to play it, I just don’t necessarily think it was changed due to feminist outcry.

    Just my opinion though, I still don’t agree with censorship and I am unhappy with this change.

  • Like this will make the game family friendly – what a joke. Even if you cover them up in a burqa this game won’t ever be mainstream, so you don’t have to cater to the family friendly mainstream anyway. You are only losing your niche market by doing so.

  • On the one hand, kudos to them for a) making a sexy waifu-centric game and b) actually listening to their users. On the other hand, it does seem a little strange that an obviously waifu-centric game would get censored; kind of defeats the purpose of a waifu-centric game in the first place, right?

  • I like smaller boobs, so in some of the cases, the bust reduction is an improvement in my eyes, but the parts where they edited it to cover up so much that it looks unbalanced doesn’t look good to my eyes.

    That said, even after the “censorship” the girls are still so sexified I don’t even know why they even bothered. There’s still enough there to complain about it, so all they’ve done is just potentially upset their primary fanbase.

    Besides that, you should see some of the sexified guys that female artists draw and that you find in some games marketed to girls. If that’s alright but the version where it’s done to girls isn’t, it’s outright hypocrisy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t primarily play games for sexiness, but I just don’t like censorship. If they censored a game with lots of hot guys, I’d be upset too. But not uh… because I want to look at those guys unclothed. It’s because um… censorship is bad.

    • Good for you. The best options are ones where you can customize the size and revealingness to your preferences of the moment.

      However, the point is non fans, who are not even going to buy the games, nor directly parent the fans who might buy the games, should have absolutely no say or sway, but sadly they do.

    • Because that still enables fake tradcon and fake sjw from the West to become actual busybodies, like they do on here from time to time. I present to you exhibit #3, missing #4, & hidden #5 OMG DOA boob meter.

      Oh yeah, sure Microsoft. Sure I am going to pay a fortune to put a spycam with no actual adult jgame, or even just average jgame, for you. You got 2 nice adult jgames with 360, so I got 2 360 for them, and the 360 kinect as a package bonus. Thanks, it is a nice basic mocap device for other PC jgames.

      You also killed two pretty gals I know personally, working in important regional positions, with karoshi or whatever is the equivalent in their language.

  • And what is wrong with showing boobs to kids? I have touched boobs and pussies since the moment I was born. Some mothers even tell stories that baby sucking their tits can make them cum (google “orgasm breastfeeding”). This implies that some children had their first sexual contact as toddlers with their mother.

  • I’m seeing all these claims about “minimal changes” and “absolutely does not detract from the game”, but that’s a conclusion that everyone decides for themselves. Specifically, I don’t need some sleazy CM downplaying their actions trying to convince people to try their game despite throwing this giant middle finger to any self-respecting player.

    And for the record, treating their grown-ass player-base as stupid children that need to be restricted in what they can and can’t see already “detracts from the game”.

  • Goddamn Americans.
    I know not all of them are this shitty, but come on, is this what you call “freedom”?
    My kids are allowed to see full-frontal nudity and they turned out just fine.
    People and their fucking superstitions…

    • The “freedom” argument is a gigantic fucking strawman. The government isn’t making them censor anything – it’s a stupid business decision that will backfire.

      Also remember American porn doesn’t have mosaic genitalia.

      • You are the fucking strawman just like KKK’s freedom of closet hate speech.

        American porn featuring real women are okay because they provide jobs for some actual feminists and fake sjw, consumed the most in terms of viewership by fake tradcons in the most red and tradcon States outside of Kentucky and Virginia.

        Fictional “pedo” porn featuring fictional young adult characters gets slandered because “cartoon are made for kids, with childish characters and plots”, according to you fuck’s strawman logic.

        You know how many anime and manga I keep overseas as part of an extensive collection across all other regular genre, because they are banned? Featuring no actual nudity and no fictional character under their biological fictional age of 18? You know what one of my buddy went through and the resources he poured into in order to fail at trying to get one 30min episode unclassified as banned, just for a few seconds of no actual nudity?

  • the jews are behind this also boycott any nexon products if they want to virtue signal for a bunch of numale and fat ugly women then let them crash and burn like the left in the 2016 election #maga

  • So if you have a problem playing it at home because its embarrassing, and thats the ONLY reason. There is an easy solution for everyone.


  • Seems like an awful lot of work for nonsense. It looked like an interesting game, but I absolutely don’t support this mentality even if the after effects are considered negligible, so I’ll just find another game to play. Honestly there’s a ton of stuff out there anyway.

  • why not just make the game 18 and up so no piss poor parent with a brain the size of a pea won’t make another scandal just to get some attention? i mean bad enough that characters that were drawn and designed by the artist through endless nights thinking of how to please gamers to play their game, then here is the pea sized brained morons saying that the game is offensive because of some skin being shown? cause fuck taht.

  • “A Nexon community administrator addressed the changes, which were apparently done due to complaints at a PAX event about the females being “too sexy” and “unsuitable for all ages”‘

    LOL PAX. PAX has always been cucked. It’s just another three letter word for SJW.

    • The tweaks are so minimal, it will do nothing to satisfy the SJWs (because nothing CAN satisfy SJWs) about how allegedly sexist and exploitive they perceive this game to be. Meanwhile, the censorship and the kowtowing will anger old fans, and new customers (on general principle).

      As a business decision, this is lose-lose.

    • What’s wrong with people? Boobs bounce in real life. Women dress different all over. It is not like this is a sex game.

      A kid’s reaction to bouncing boobies depends on age, they:
      1-5: Won’t care.
      6-9: Will giggle and ask about it.
      10-death: Will sit down and call next (while giggling in his head).

      This is the traditional “fix the symptoms rather than the problem” malady in the USA. No one judges people by their clothes (nor the size of their boobs) if properly taught.

  • Disapproving Eldar SJW says:

    Wow. Triggered much?

    At this point they’re doing you snowflakes a favor. You might get a little less sensitive about modest cosmetic changes once you endure enough of them.

    Or you’ll keep getting diaper rash. Big boy pants aren’t for everyone, apparently.

  • To me it looks more like the localizers just decided on their own to tone things down. The fact that there’s still a fair bit of skin showing makes it unlikely that SJWs had anything to do with it; if they had their way the game probably wouldn’t get released at all.

  • What kind of sad life do you guys have when your constant complaint is SJWs? Hey, losers, I know you fucking idiots know there is porn on the internet. It’s on this fucking site! Go fap to it, leave everybody else alone.

    • I’m bored so I wrote this. If you want a simple answer go to the last line.

      There are some holes in your theory of why people complain about this types of changes, I’ll break down to make easier to understand. Also, it’s not a universal explanation, this is in my case.

      “What kind of sad life do you guys have when your constant complaint is SJWs?”

      There are two groups that would demand this type of changes: Republicans and SJW. If it were the Republicans, the game most likely wouldn’t be published, which leaves SJWs, who are known to complain about this type of thing.

      “Hey, losers, I know you fucking idiots know there is porn on the internet. It’s on this fucking site! Go fap to it…”

      This argument doesn’t make sense. Sexy and porn are two completely different things. By your logic, all people who watch beauty pageant are only watching to fap.

      “…leave everybody else alone.”

      The same goes for people who complain about breast, poses and outfit. There are so many subjects to be passionate about, why go after something so small, that is intended to a target audience? Why the need to turn everything into All Ages? If you have some complex with busty women, why do I need to pay for your problem?