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Taro Aso Retracts Hitler Had “Correct Motivations” Remark



Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has cuckedly retracted his recent defense of Hitler’s “correct motivations”, which the fake news media immediately leapt on as evidence of his being an evil nationalist without Israel’s best interests at heart.

The statement that caused the international lugenpresse to throw a fit en masse:

“What matters are results. Hitler killed millions so no matter if he had correct motivations, he’s still bad.”

Presumably in this context his “correct motivations” were “making Germany great again.”

His apology on the matter:

“It is clear from my overall remarks that I regard Hitler in extremely negative terms and it’s clear that his motives were also wrong.

It was inappropriate that I cited Hitler as an example and I would like to retract that.

My comments differ from my feelings and it’s regrettable that they caused a misunderstanding.”

A short video covering his apology:

Taro Aso has had similar misunderstandings before, apparently being a little slow on the uptake when it comes to avoiding obvious media traps (assuming he is not masterfully distracting from something…).

A sampling of the Japanese online reaction:

“As expected of the media.”

“Were his motivations correct?”

“The media and its disgracefully low level of intelligence.”

“Hitler’s motive was relief for the poor people, so it was originally a socialist workers party.”

“This behavior is exactly how the media makes rumors about Hitler.”

“The only thing Hitler did wrong was losing the war. Everything else he did all the other countries have done. Winners judge the losers poorly.”

“Hitler was a patriot, that much is clear.”

“He was right to deal with the Jews. Just look at what they’re doing now!”

“The media just baited him into saying this so they could attack him.”

“This guy sure loves marketing himself with outrage.”

“What about Jewish human rights groups.”

“I guess the net also supports Trump’s racial discrimination.”

“Our former Prime Minister is saying invasion and massacres are correct!”

“The overseas media are making far more a fuss about this than the domestic media…”

“The mass media is just an accumulation of scum.”

“Trump won. People won’t believe their lies any more.”

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