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Nintendo Switch “May Get VR Support”


A curious coder sifting through the Nintendo Switch’s source code has happened upon lines of data mentioning a “VR Mode”, possibly indicating that the frequently sold-out console may soon be implementing support for VR devices, an addition that will surely be welcomed by Switch owners.

The original tweet:


Some believed the suspect lines may have been Android code but the Twitter user had this to say on the matter:

“This is not Android code in any way. This is part of the appletOE IPC interface, and it’s 100 percent Nintendo code.

I can’t confirm whether or not this works as of yet, but I’m at about a 90 percent confidence that this is at least partial virtual reality support.

I’ll know more in a day or two when I can actually test it properly.”

Many have theorized that the code may either have to do with a future update or could possibly just be left-over code from a scrapped idea, though neither suppositions are anything but speculative yet.

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