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  • It really bugs the sht outta me watching as everyone gets to sht talk the “delinquent” throughout the entire series and he has to just take it and then he’s the bad guy. So people are allowed to inflict mental abuse on him continuously and his only option is to just be picked on. If he even just says anything back at them in anger then he’s portrayed bad in everyone’s eyes. He doesn’t even need to be physical. He really ended up leaving the restaurant because he wasn’t high class snobby enough? How fkd up is this author?

    Wannabee Yahari Ore no Seishun mains while trying to make the main the classic test child like Arc The Lad or in more recent years, Zankyou no Terror but the author is failing so hard. The ridiculously bad fight scenes, the black guy being the mindless giant goon(with those fuckin shades), the screwed up views on reality through the characters eyes and portrayals of reality, makes me think that the author is just some loser trying to express his warped ideas.

    • So what? That guy has anger issues and his first response to anything is hitting someone. I would want him gone, too. These kind of people belong in forced labor camps, not schools. Neither should bald, middle-aged men be in a high school. Just how many years has this guy been held back?

      • His first response, which is his actual “ACTIONS,” were “VERBAL” and reactionary due to other people’s actions/provocations. You don’t seem to get it. The fight incident was “SELF DEFENSE” which would work in his favor in court. Even this last episode’s incident he ended up “JUST WALKING AWAY” after being treated like shit. 8 episodes in and he has only got into “1 FIGHT AS SELF DEFENSE.” Please tell me how hitting someone is his first response. The law is on his side in reality.

        Also this anime revolves around failures making it to the top, which he is being portrayed as 1 of very worst. He is a key character in this series that has revolved a lot around him and is thought as a possible route with Horikita, who your avatar is, which explains why you have a shitty personality and a reason you have like ZERO empathy towards people with those comments. Too bad for you, Horikita sympathizes with him to a degree and isn’t your ideal waifu and starts shifting towards the delinquent while Sakura (pink hair) shifts towards Ayanokoji. Try not to suicide or dump your waifu when it happens.

        • Discuss about what? Sudo or whatever his name is can _barely_ get passing grades in his first exam in high school after several study session with some of the smartest students. He repeatedly expresses that he has zero desire to learn and wants to play basketball. This person lacks the intelligence or diligence to make it and he enjoys physical activity instead. Let him. Right now, he is put in a situation (for some reason) that goes contrary to his desire. That makes him aggressive because he is inferior to everyone else in his environment. Give him physical work from 8 to 6 and his aggression will disappear. The main character know that he is absolutely unfit for where he is that is why they have drag him through. If the ridiculous premise of the show was gone and it was a normal school, no one would help him.

  • Is the black guy really big or is that girl really small? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this, you know those fighting manga where there’s monster looking guys getting beat up by little girls? Hahaha makes no sense.