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North Korea’s Japan Missile “Prelude to Containing Guam”


North Korean dear leader Kim Jong Un has stated that the recent test-firing of a missile that flew over Japan (the first missile to do so since 2016) was “a prelude to containing Guam”, apparently having forgotten about all the US bases in South Korea and Japan in the mean time.

This “show of power” by North Korea was apparently to protest the annual military exercises (claiming they could start an “accidental war”) being held between the U.S. and South Korea, as well as to “make the cruel Japanese islanders insensible on bloody August 29th when the disgraceful ‘Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty’ was proclaimed 107 years ago.” – with such ancient deeds apparently still spreading animosity.

Landing in the Pacific Ocean about 1,200km east of Hokkaido (similar to the other missile incident), Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claimed the launch to be “an unprecedented, grave and serious threat”, with his master “God Emperor” Trump stating that all options are on the table in regards to a response to this launch.

The missile’s flight path:


Abe (having conversed with Trump for 40 minutes) convinced the U.S. to increase pressure towards North Korea, additionally requesting China, Russia and South Korea to do the same – North Korea however has refused to put its nuclear program on the negotiating table until the U.S. drops its hostile policies.

Whether this relentless lobbing of missiles will ever actually trigger a more substantive response than condemnation seems doubtful at this time however…

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  • Who else loved how this article referred to Trump as the God Emperor? I fell in love with the meme after seeing all of those ‘God Emperor Trump’ videos with Sabaton songs playing in the background.

    As for the legit threat to our supplier of manga and anime, I’d say Kim Jung Un needs to do a nut-check and start thinking about the welfare of his country rather then his own pride, but we all know that’s just too much to ask for. When he pisses off a nation that has enough nuclear ordinance to turn North Korea into an underwater crater deeper then the Marianas trench just because of some treaty over a century ago, he needs to rethink his strategy and stop giving the world a reason to hate N.Korea.

  • North Korea won’t attack anyone, this stuff has been rattling on for many years. It usually ends with the US bribing them with cash. Or in this case, when Trump gives him nothing, he’ll back down because he knows his country will be a crater if he nukes any US territory. China has even said if North Korea attacks first they won’t do shit.

    • The problem is Kim Jong Un might just be stupid enough to do it. Unlike his pappy who knew he was full of shit, kim Jong Un has been drinking the Best Korea koolaid his entire life and may actually believe his own propaganda.

  • In case any of you nerds don’t understand why Guam is so important, the DPRK is obsessing over it because it’s the site of an airbase that houses the B-1B Lancer Strategic Bombers.

    That’s part of the reason why they don’t make threats about the bases closer to them. They’re not as strategically important.

    • So that’s also the reason USA took it from Spain so many years ago? Because they housed B-1B Lancer Strategic Bombers?
      You have it backwards, Guam is as important as any other piece of land away from your mainland where you can and do build a military base.

    • Suicide? Nooo waaay… Come on, great leader Squid Face Un doesn’t lose to the likes of barbarian terrorists or other asian filth. He’s got the world’s largest army to back him up in case he decides to expand the territory, so who in their right mind would threaten him?!

      • yeah, i’m sure starving soldiers throwing rocks will do a lot of damage…

        the real issue is the fact NK has artillery pointed right at seoul. any military action taken against NK will result in millions of dead in seoul.

    • Only if USA continue to trigger them and disregard all their “allies” in region, namely Worst Korea and Japan. The most sensible thing would be to talk with N.Korea without ultimatums and sanctions, and actually with intention to reach an agreement, but “exceptional” murican empire can’t allow it to happen.

        • OMG, how stupid can you be in your ignorance. And don’t call it “west”, as if there was anyone but USA messing with korea from the very beginning. if shit like open war and separatists funding can be called “talked to them”, I’d like to talk to your mom the same way 😉

  • Whats with everybody?
    I think missle defence systems have been pretty much installed anywhere by now?
    Especially if you can have ships or planes between you and them, just shoot down the missles and watch them cry.

        • Nuking NK is dumb for several reasons. China will be angry about nukes detonated so close to its border. The nukes will also eradicate 25 million civilians (of which most are just as innocent as you and I) and nobody is willing to do that since it’s straight-up evil. The radiation will also make things terrible for anyone in the near area, which means the close part of China, almost all if not all of SK and the surrounding sea will most likely be heavily irradiated. So overall: bad idea.

          And even if that crazy plan was carried out, NK has enough artillery stationed to level Seoul in literally 10 minutes. They’ve held the city hostage for decades, else the regime would have been overthrown already.

          As for the China-NK relationship, China is actually rather pissed with NK’s constant shit pulling, but they don’t want to suddenly have 25 million refugees at their door after the regime breaks down, mainly since the other way down south is blocked by aproximately 1 million landmines.

          In other words, every single plan that involves overthrowing the NK regime requires precision and sabotage. It’s possible that this year already the USA will do something, presumably during the annual SK festival where the people go to their ancestral homes to honour those who came before them. Big cities will be mostly empty, so even if SK shelled them into dust, at least there would be few casualties and the SK military backed up by its allies can move in and get rid of this pest.

          Of course, all of this is just speculation you have read by a person on a hentai newsblog, so believe me if you want or not.

        • NK are allies to China, what would they think about that ? and also russia does not want a detonation so close to them same as south korea and china… it’s a very difficult situation.

        • Except for the fact that “nuking North Korea” WON’T mean it’s “done with” They’d most likely strike South Korea before they are hit Leaving the entire peninsula uninhabitable. Then radiation clouds would get on the Jet-streams blown around to nearby countries. This isn’t like cartoons where it just explodes and it’s contained to one area

  • Don’t worry, Japan. I doubt North Korea could hit you with a missile if they really tried. Unfortunately if they’re just trying to hit the Pacific Ocean they’ll probably miss it completely and hit you instead. Okay… soooo DO worry, Japan!

  • Ten thousand citizens will need to starve to death to procure the resources for a North Korean missile, but fortunately the great nation of North Korea has millions of willing denizens, so it’s not a problem.

  • Poor japan, they got nuked twice by their “allies” and now threatened by North Korea, and now they need to deal with trump for safety, they’re literally the ultimate bitch country in this situation, knowing them and their ancient heritage this must be disgraceful beyond measures.

    • Know your history.

      During WW2 the Japanese were heartless, ruthless and pretty much imperialistic Nazis(If you want reading material, the Nanking Massacre is quite something).

      The United States were faced with two options as the Japanese refused to surrender.

      1) Initiate a ground invasion of mainland Japan which would have resulted in catastrophic loss of civilian and military life.

      2) Nuke Japan.

      I know someone will say that option 2 was worse, but in some ways it wasn’t. Because the United States & Its European allies would have been sucked into a very bloody, very horrific ground war that would have killed a lot of civilians across Japan in the process.

      And to be clear, the United States did make every effort to get Japan to surrender before dropping the nukes, they didn’t. The United States DID contact the Japanese after dropping the first Nuke to request surrender, they refused. The United States had no choice but to drop Nuke no.2 which resulted in Japanese surrender.

        • @14:07

          Wrong. You couldn’t have left Imperial Japan alone to their own devices. You should educate yourself on history, something not mentioned by anime perhaps?

          The fact is had the Allies gone with the first option to deal with Imperial Japan, more lives would have been lost.

          They were fully prepared to relocate troops from Europe etc if it came down to it for a ground invasion of Japan.

        • “United States and its allies”? Will you please stop. US were sissy-pussies sitting on other continent waiting, who will start to win, more then half of that war. And even when they started to act, it was shit-talking and weapons-selling.
          WW2 was won WITHOUT USA. Deal with it!
          In the very end they nuked two Japanese cities full of civilians, just because they were wetting their pants to assault directly and even more scared of Soviets having the job done.

        • Hahaha are you for real? You clearly know absolutely nothing about Japanese history. It was either the Nukes or a very bloody ground invasion, simple as.

          Blame the imperialistic assholes in charge of Japan at the time for refusing to surrender. They were fully prepared to fight the United States and its allies to the last man, which is a very dangerous line of thought.

          This is why the United States maintains a presence in Japan to this date, they don’t want to see the return of the old imperialistic Japan.

          • You know absolutely nothing about japanese history aside from the propaganda they teach you in school. The Japanese were preparing to surrender before the bombs dropped, and would have already surrendered had america not been so insistent on removing the emperor.

            Not to mention that America started the war by forcing an oil embargo to japan. The myth that Pearl Harbor was a suprise, unprovoked attack is propaganda.

    • Because Japan aren’t bitches is why they are in this situation. They were crazy, fearless and dangerous. Even to this date there isn’t a country or race as conservative and protective of their own culture like they are. The real bitches of the world are white people and their countries and that’s why in the next 20 years they’ll be erased.

  • Can we just…ignore North Korea? Just stop giving them attention? This entire affair is nothing more than pointless posturing from a country that gains the entirety of its relevance from being a buffer between two imperialistic superpowers. It’ll be better if we just ignore them and get on with their lives.

    • NK claims to have nuclear material and the tech to deliver a nuke to any part of the world with perfect accuracy. These missile tests are to demonstrate that they aren’t lying about it. How can anybody ignore that?

      • NK wants USA out of the Asian region.
        China wants USA out of the Asian region.
        Russia wants USA out of the Asian region.
        If you agree with what I wrote above, then you’re slowly catching on…

        • And Russia and a lot of other countries have a heavily aging population which means their military force keeps getting older and no replacements in sight. So a protracted war will not be in their best interests. That’s one of the reasons that russia has been doing land grabs, if they dont do it now they wont have the military power to do it in 5 to 10 years.

        • China can’t afford a war with the USA
          Russia can’t afford a war with the USA
          NK is too stupid to understand they can’t win a war with the USA

          If NK starts a war, Russia and China will drop them like a bad habit. Hell China might even use it as an excuse to invade NK to expand their own territory.