Fire Emblem Anime Cryptically Announced


New artwork released for Fire Emblem maiden Lucina (for mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes) has hidden away a secret message that has made some believe that a new anime for the franchise may be on the way, which would be the first new anime for the series since 1995.

Diehard fans of the franchise were able to spot the runes on Lucina’s weapon, recognizing them to be part of the game’s extensive fictional alphabet:


A message is produced upon translation:


Fans have already begun speculating as to which game the potential anime may be adapting, that is if it exists at all…

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  • I REALLY want the Awakening story to have an anime adaptation like the lucina hint suggests. To be able to enjoy its soundtrack in anime form…im getting goosebumps.

    If this becomes reality Robin x Chrom would be icing on cake for me. Robin sacrifice cherry on top.

    I wonder what others would prefer.

  • Somehow, that Fire Emblem OVA got released in North America long before any of the games. Never got a DVD release, just VHS, which is a shame, because it’s not bad (as far as 90’s OVAs based on video games go).