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SKE48 Idol to Fans: “Use Deodorant!”


Kaori Matsumura (an SKE48 idol given stuffed animals with peculiar stains as gifts) has enlightened ill-mannered fans in the ways of hygiene due to an issue at a recent event, with the determined girl requesting that event-goers please apply deodorant so as to not stink up the place.

Addressing the “very serious” problem of foul body odor that occurred at a recent handshaking event, Kaori Matsumura informed her fans of various types of deodorant via her Twitter account:




“Thank you all for coming out to the handshake event. We received a complaint about a serious problem.

One of the female fans who was waiting in line to shake our hands said she couldn’t stand the smell in the venue, and asked if anything could be done about it.

It’s hard for people to notice their own body odor. It’s something those of us in SKE48 have to be careful about too!

So let’s pick up these two items at the drugstore and take care of the problem!”

Naturally many are surprised that the idol had to inform fans about such a basic act of human decency; though considering idol otaku in particular are known for gross lifestyles and lazy tendencies, perhaps such an event was inevitable once disgust overcome the promise of lightening their collective wallets further still:

“Otaku smell by default.”

“They may want to consider putting Fabreze at the entrance.”

“Do gross otaku think its cool to not bathe?”

“Women’s perfume and cosmetics are also smelly.”

“Otaku have had issues with odor for quite some time.”

“It’s because you make people wait long times in such hot weather.”

“Can I complain if there’s a case where one of the idol’s has body odor?”

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