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Men-Only Carriages Petition “Has Over 2000 Supporters”


In an attempt to gain for men the same unnecessary privileges as Japan’s superbly pampered women, a petition demanding men-only train carriages has received a surprising number of signatures.

Despite being started over a year ago, the petition has finally managed to gain traction, with the main desire for such a privilege being due to men having no form of escape from harassment or false accusations themselves – the petition mentions that if women truly want equality between the sexes, then men must have the same insane privileges.

Opinions on the subject mostly seemed to poke fun at the requested change:

“Make an otaku-only carriage and keep it separate.”

“Provide a personal carriage for the elderly too please.”

“Make virgin-only carriages too and isolate them.”

“Each carriage should separate people by academic background.”

“A feeding ground for homos.”

“I request that personal carriages be made for buses as well.”

“Install surveillance cameras before anything else.”

“When I get on a train I don’t want to be arrested on false accusations.”

“Make a car for LGBT too! This is sexual discrimination!”

“It would smell. I definitely wouldn’t ride in one.”

The petition has managed to accrue over 2200 signatures, though with this being an internet petition its chances do not seem favorable.

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