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School YouTube Course “Beginning of the End”




The “YouTuber training course” that was recently introduced in Japan for elementary school students has been the subject of a Japanese TV broadcast, with their fake news media marveling at this promising new future vocation on offer for kids keen on pandering to an online following for a living.

Not needing to study and the decent pay have served as the children’s main incentives (despite the fact that only really popular channels make decent money, and then only at the mercy of Google), with Japan seemingly yet unaffected by the woes of the western world as many in the west are being denied revenue on their videos due to wrongthink videos.

The news story:

Having opened back in March, the “YouTuber Academy” provides elementary school students with basic courses in video editing and communication, striving to help them become successful YouTubers whilst possibly giving them confidence and self-presentation skills they might not achieve via a usual classroom.

Naturally many have regarded this “cop out occupation” as an excuse to be lazy or a way out for unsuccessful otaku and NEETs:

“How unpleasant.”

“A YouTuber’s life seems to be quite similar to that of a NEET’s.”

“In the future YouTubers may possibly become as common a career as a sports athlete.”

“This may be best suited for more introverted Japanese people.”

“Is this because of Hikakin?”

“I think these kids will become obsolete by the time they become adults.”

“For parents to allow such a practice is scary however.”

“Is this for real? I thought this was fake.”

“Well, it could be useful in building a bright personality for a person.”

“Is this some sort of NEET training agency?”

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