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Brothel Sex Doll “More Popular Than Real Girls”


A sex doll “working” at an Austrian brothel has become so popular that a 2nd girl had to be purchased in order to keep up with demand, with the unrelenting lust for the inanimate object apparently even exceeding the demand for real women.

The first sex doll, Fanny (who is 5ft 1in and weighs 84lbs), costs potential partners £80 ($94) an hour, with the rather busy woman often being booked for several days in a row – sex dolls are apparently becoming a common staple amongst other Austrian brothels as well, with women apparently being outclassed by hunks of silicone and plastic.

The highly promiscuous Fanny:



Sex doll fetishes are reportedly on the rise according to experts, who have also surmised that yet more brothels will acquiring dolls in order to meet the demands of customers; insight into why men are becoming more interested in sex dolls over real women has been provided by psychologist Gerti Senger:

“First, the man can do anything with the doll. Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute.”

In addition to the above, Senger described the phenomenon of dolls being more popular than prostitutes as “a real autistic tendency,” as surely the precious women could not be at fault here…

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