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Official Shenmue III Trailer “Looks Absolutely Terrible”




Contempt and disappointment has been the response to Shenmue III‘s latest trailer, with diehard fans of the forgotten franchise decrying the game’s awful graphics and anticipating its inevitable failure (like most other crowd-funded titles before it).

The atrocious trailer which has wracked up a decent amount of dislikes:

Only a few of some of the highly negative comments:

“This Chinese PS2 game looks amazing!!”

“This looks like a PS3 tech demo.”

“the faces are worse than mass effect Andromeda”

“Y’all are a bunch of haters…”

“These graphics look terrible, particularly the faces.”

“Sure who cares for the graphics, thats fine, but the animations itself are horrible… huge letdown”

“Wow the charater models look really really rough… Can I get my money back?”

“Their faces are emotionless and the animations are just lol”

“With all the money from kickstarter, I’m hoping (for the developer’s sake) that they improve on what they’ve shown here. Hopeful!”

“If only the character models looked as good as the scenery.”

“look at this generation of gamers, what a bunch of whiny little girls some of us have been waiting a long time for this game and the last thing on my mind is how amazing the graphics are. I just want a great story and characters. So shut up and go back to playing your call of duty.”

Naturally the game is still subject to change, but those still hoping that the title will be good are feeling quite happy that its release date got pushed back to the second half of 2018.

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