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Ufotable Sorry for “Drunk” Horse C**k Tweets


Ufotable founder Hikaru Kondo has issued an apology in regards to the tweets made by Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu episode director Takuro Takahashi, who was caught making such “inappropriate” comments the resemblance of certain parts of the show’s latest episode to equine genitalia that the entire Ufotable staff is “reflecting on his actions” to avoid future problems.

Despite Takahashi having no recollection of his comments (“supposedly” due to being heavily drunk at the time), internet denizens recollected that the man made comments about how the horse licking one of the characters in the episode looked like a man’s genitals due to how it was drawn – with such a truly “offensive” statement bound to damage the animation studio’s precious reputation.


The scene with the aforementioned horse:

Online nobody has a clue what is going on as usual:

“It’s pitiable seeing a drunk man get treated like a criminal.”

“Can you really type this legibly while drunk?”

“If people can’t be responsible while drinking then they shouldn’t be allowed to do it all.”

“Crimes committed whilst under the influence should have twice the punishment.”

“But the fujoshi are into this kind of thing aren’t they?”

“I’m aware of at least its name, but isn’t this a homo anime?”

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