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Top 10 Shonen Jump Anime Fiends


The most fiendish of Shonen Jump’s characters have been assorted in this latest ranking, whether they be protagonist, antagonist or anti-hero, voters have given their opinion in regards to who is the most diabolical – with first place being given to one incredibly powerful foe from a legendary series…

The ranking:

1. Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)


2. Yagami Light (Death Note)


3. Donquixote DoFlamingo (One Piece)


4. Dio (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)


5. Jagi (Hokuto no Ken)


6. Sada Sada Tokugawa (Gintama)


7. Elder Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)


8. Aizen Sousuke (Bleach)


9. Akainu (One Piece)


10. Yoshikage Kira (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)


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  • Donflamingo is just a gay Crocodile clone.

    Infact, the entire dressrosa arc was a piece of shit that is nothing but a clone of the Alabasta arc.

    -Antagonist is a warlord
    -King was framed to look like a dick
    -Marines ignore all of this
    -Arc starts by infiltrating the city in silly disguises
    -Annoying titzilla sidekick that begs for help
    -Everyone splits up to fight some insignificant small fry underling
    -Brother shows up to hold off some big shot from pursuing luffy
    -Big bad has to be beaten twice
    -Le edgy time limit before the entire kingdom is destroyed and everyone dies
    -After winning, the marines conveniently show up, and instead of thanking the people that saved the kingdom, they go HURR DURR WE MUST CAPTURE YOU CUZ WE BE CUNTS
    -One commander feels slightly bad and delays marines so straw hats can reach the ship and escape.

    • thats just about the entirety of one piece since 3D2Y. Hodi = Arlong (Even the “Luffy, save me” moment from Nami was used by Shirahoshi). Punk Hazard might as well have been Drum Island. Dressrosa is easily the Alabasta Arc like you said. Zou might as well be Sky Island. Whole Cake Island is mirroring CP9 (Enies Lobby) arc. Except instead of grabbing Robin and run, it’s grab Sanji and run.