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Sankaku App 2.7: Filtering (The Good Kind)

Original Illustration by Anmi

Growing ever faster and stonger, the Android version of Sankaku App has been upgraded to 2.7, adding to the application the capability of easily and quickly filtering sought-after posts with the necessity of resorting to arcane meta-search-fu.

The changes:

Filter interface: A new and much more accessible search interface allows more powerful searches – simply tap the filter icon in the browse interface to access it.

Sankaku Complex Sankaku App Filtering 001

Sankaku Complex Sankaku App Filtering 002

Sankaku Complex Sankaku App Filtering 003

Sankaku Complex Sankaku App Filtering 004

Change! Tanabe Rumia by Akaza

Bug fixes: Known bugs have been sent into oblivion.

The update is available for all editions of the Android app: Black, White and Idol. The iOS edition should be updated soon.

Questions or suggestions, complaints or comments, all are welcome!

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