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Nintendo Switch Portability “Barely Used”


The Nintendo Switch’s portability is apparently largely wasted on the overwhelming majority of buyers, with Nintendo’s own survey results demonstrating as much.

Despite Nintendo’s greatest efforts to get lazy gamers off their couches and into the great outdoors, many players prefer playing games inside, unfortunately wasting the Switch’s potential – the poll, via Nintendo’s official Twitter:


Online few seemed surprised at such a one-sided poll:

“I cant imagine why anyone would prefer to do something out of home if they can do it at home.”

“Well it’s been known for a long time that the majority of people play their 3DS on the couch at home.”

“Maybe people would play on the go more if their screens weren’t warped.”

“Considering how hot the Nintendo Switch gets, I wouldn’t bring it to hot places like the beach or a park. It would fry the insides.”

“Makes sense. Home is the place one is usually most relaxed and have the most free time to play games.”

“I like the ability to play the switch and watch TV at the same time.”

“None because its impossible to get one!”

“I can’t believe there isn’t an option for “Bathroom”.

“I’m already afraid to take my switch to a friend’s house. How can anyone handle putting it through airport security?”

“Where in the house is a better question, basement vs living room vs bathroom vs bedroom…”

“Who the fuck takes their switch to the beach? Lol”

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