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Mother Decries Dragon Quest “Slimes Are People too!”


It seems that impatient RPG fanatics are not the only individuals who despise grinding, as a concerned mother has spoken up on the “atrocious massacring of slimes” that players go through in the Dragon Quest series, denouncing it as a waste of “life” for the selfish goal of experience points.

As anybody who has played any (MMO)RPG would know, such games typically involve massive amounts of “grinding” (killing the same monsters repeatedly to grow strong enough to progress), however one 42-year-old mother has become offended by this sickening act of 2D genocide after watching her son play Dragon Quest XI and mercilessly cut down hundreds of not at all deadly slimes.

The woman lamented the fact that the game does not teach players the value of life and instead shows them that monsters are merely objects used to grind for experience points, them being fictitious blobs apparently notwithstanding – she was surprised at how her son could “kill” whilst showing no emotion whatsoever:

“I know the game is set in a fictitious world, but I was surprised at how players could so easily end the lives of enemies simply for the goal of raising their level.

My son and his friends gathered in the living room and just kept killing them over and over – I was shocked.

I was fond of playing the Famicom (Nintendo) when I was younger, but when I played games like Dragon Quest and Super Mario, I would always quietly say “sorry” to myself whenever killing an enemy.”

Saddened by the fact that such monster genocide is common to the series, she has stated that she hopes players become more conscious of the massacres they commit and that they should make sure not to disregard the monster’s lives – which many online have been quickly dismissing as a preposterous notion:

“Aren’t monsters made of magical power produced by the demon king?”

“To think someone would have this way of thinking…”

“You also kill pigs and eat their meat!”

“It’s just a program.”

“Some are saying that they’re bad slimes.”

“Parents with such ridiculous notions in their mind are seemingly continuing to multiply…”

“Let me tell you that games and reality are different.”

“Parents and children also kill cockroaches and mosquitoes in reality…”

“Dragon Quest is animal abuse!”

“If it were a terrorist instead of a slime you would not be complaining jk”

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