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Live Action Naruto Film “Being Rewritten”


Liongate’s upcoming live action Naruto movie is getting a rewrite for its screenplay by Jon and Erich Hoeber (known for penning the awful “Battleship” movie), with such a move clearly indicating that the film will definitely be deviating from the source material – which was likely inevitable so that the movie could gather more than just the usual Naruto fanboys.

Jon and Erich Hoeber have made numerous fans nervous due to their rather underwhelming list of accomplishments (Red, Red 2, Whiteout, Battleship), with the few who had at least some small expectations for the film finally losing hope and predicting that it will go the way of Ghost in the Shell and all other anime-adapted Hollywood movies before it.

Some are hoping that the new writers will at least be smart enough to preserve the character’s real names, unlike the American interpretation of Death Note – fortunately, an exact debut date has not been announced.

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