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Kaori Matsumura “Given Semen-Stained Stuffed Animals”

Kaori Matsumura (2)

Kaori Matsumura (1)

SKE48 idol Matsumura Kaori has unveiled some disturbing facts about the stuffed animal gifts she receives from fans, stating that she will beat the animals to destroy any potential cameras that may be hiding within them – while also mentioning that some of them come with “mysterious” white stains…

27-year-old Matsumura Kaori talked about the matter recently on talk show “Ogiyahagi no Busu TV”, she stated that she often receives stuffed animals as gifts from fans:

“I always hit the stuffed animals many times, and shake them violently to make sure there’s no device hidden inside. Sometimes the stuffed animals have stains on them… Like, whitish-colored stains.”

Considering how obsessed and twisted otaku can be, it might not be beyond the realms of possibility for some to have gone out of their way to rig the stuffed animals with hidden cameras and wiretaps or purposely “stain” them in order to get their worshiped idol to touch their body fluids.

Japanese idol watchers have been rather less shocked than might be expected by the disturbing news, as well as surprisingly skeptical:

“What is the white stain? Bleach?”

“The white spots must be semen!”

“Semen does not leave white stains. The only way to tell is if it has a strange smell.”

“Semen turns yellow when it stains… it’s not semen.”

“I guess she will probably throw them away. I would since there are lots of stupid and crazy fans…”

“Disgusting otaku.”

“You throw them away after examining them don’t you?”

“You can’t discover a wiretap by simply beating or shaking them.”

“Gross otaku should be treated like garbage and criminals…”

While throwing the grotesque objects away or returning them might be the best course of action, any slight against the more manic fans may be a life-threatening issue

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