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Open World Pokemon Game “A Possibility”


Perhaps realizing the success of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Game Freak developers Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori (known for having a hand in creating the Pokemon games) have stated in an interview that an open world Pokemon game could very well be a possibility, a trend that would no doubt be welcomed with open arms by Pokemon fans.

The key issue with creating such a Pokemon game would apparently be somehow marrying Pokemon’s gameplay mechanics with an open world environment, according to Masuda; though he has mentioned that an open world title would really be more fitting to games where players “fight enemies with a sword”.

The specific part of the interview:

Whether or not such a game will be soon in development has not been alluded to, though there’s little doubt that an open world Pokemon would not be popular – considering many fans have been yearning for a Pokemon MMO for years, and the success of the “open world” Pokemon Go, its creation seems a likely endeavor.

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    • Because it’s linear. Open world games are not linear garbage that forces you to do things in order.

      Gen 1 and 2 are fairly open as you get to do half the gyms or more out of order and the story has little to do with them but the rest are not. You HAVE to do them in a certain order and that is not open.

      • what are you talking about?

        any open world game that has a story is linear.

        are you saying the assassins creed games aren’t open world?

        that GTA isn’t open world?

        they all force you to do specific things to advance to the next part.

    • You’re behind the times, eh? Because of the complaints of US/UM only being for 3DS and not seemingly having a port they announced at E3 that they were already working on a “core series RPG title” for the Switch. Core series is their wording for what players tend to call main series (the series which includes Red, Gold, X, Sun, and Moon, for example) and it’s being made by Game Freak who ONLY makes those games so it’s definitely where Gen 8 is headed for.

      Furthermore, their Q2 earnings report included future games and it’s listed as possibly releasing next year though you have “experts” like Joe the retard Merrick saying it will definitely be 2019 and people quoting him as if he’s perfect despite all the errors on his site.

      Though I would also note, there has been a supposed leak that got several things right which says there were supposed to be a pair and a single coming as a follow up for Gen 7 – one for 3DS the other for Switch though they weren’t sure which was which. Gave us the pair names that have since been announced and they gave and a method for connection which has since been announced for use in another game weeks before the announcement of either.

      The dates this supposed leaker gave were off but sometimes they change.

      And it’s not like it would be weird for them to keep it under wraps for now. Pokkén DX releases in September. Waiting until October to announce a port would make perfect sense if they don’t want to fuck Pokkén over.

      And they clearly don’t. There’s a reason the direct only gave us 20 seconds of US/UM after over 2 minutes of Pokkén DX and has since been followed by almost complete radio silence on US/UM when they’ve been blabber mouths about the last 6 games.

      But I digress, if it’s to be open world is to be seen but Gen 8 and one is already known to be on the Switch.

    • Except for the very first Zelda, no Zelda was open world until fairly recently. Most of them didn’t even bother with the illusion of open world. Like OoT. Go to this tree, get some stone. Than go to this mountain, to get some other stone. Now go inside this fish, to get yet another fucking stone. And if your done doing all this, go to these places in this order (though, some variation is possible if you know what you’re doing) to get some other random stuff you need to unlock the final boss.

      Yeah, that’s not open, that’s following a path laid out for you.

  • I mean, combat can still take place in the traditional instance. Just give the world a bit more realism and open worldness than setting us on a route with a straight road that loops us around the continent.

    • Robert D Viewing says:

      Yea if they’d just look at pokemon xd gale of darkness, but less of the instancing maps, more features from recent pokemon titles. I wouldn’t even mind if once you touch a pokemon you go into a 3D battle in the turn by turn format as long as it’s 3D open world.

      (Putting all 700+ pokemon in a pokken-like style would be far too much of a change and investment, but I personally would love if like battle revolution, you could have some sort of attachment to allow using your 4 move pokemon from the main game enter a more pokken-style of combat, but again that’s far too much of an investment)