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Are those girls twins?

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  • Anata Wa Watashi No Mono Cucks Hard:

  • Anata Wa Watashi No Mono Cucks Hard:
    it cant just be sex with random dudes they gotta throw in that 1 guy that cares about her and has his heart broken or people can’t jerk off to it apparently, weirdest fetish

  • Anata Wa Watashi No Mono Cucks Hard:
    That fucking word is everywhere.

  • Anata Wa Watashi No Mono Cucks Hard:
    You can’t fault them because people who didn’t know about the source material though that this was femdom when they watched episode #1 not some switch & bait and you add that femdom as an animated genre is rare you get these types of reactions…

  • Anata Wa Watashi No Mono Cucks Hard:
    No one cares about cuck. Its just a current trend to say fuck it and it should die. Which is why all responses are so generic. Youre only a cuck if you like to pretend your the one being cucked and that turns you on but on someone msg board somewhere someone “cool” used it as an insult and behold we got a trend amongst sheep.

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  • Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku “Trump to Become Villain”:
    Meh. They might just “hate” him because he seems like a douchebag. And not the “college frat” type you can have a good time with. The obnoxious “pussying out at the last minute after talking a big game type”. The one who needs everyone to like him, but acts like he doesn’t care. You only “hate” people like that when people buy into their bullshit.

  • Top 10 Baseball Anime:
    BASkEtBALL fix’d

  • Splatoon 2 “Overrun by LGBTQWTF”:
    oh, its easy to explain. these people dont care about LGBT, just like a large chunk of people rabblerousing over the confederate monuments dont really care about that. no, what they really care about is baiting, they’re baiting responses from the other side for the hell of it.

  • Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku “Trump to Become Villain”:
    lol “cuck” is so overused now it’s lost all real meaning. Trolls and “edgy” teens now using it every chance they get. Just like 12 year olds on xbox live calling people “n*gger”

  • Magically Alluring Illya Ero-Cosplay Far From Shy:
    annoyed she’s using weird bright red stockings instead of pink


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