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Don’t blame the game, blame yourself for picking the wrong game.

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  • Live Action Naruto Film “Being Rewritten”:
    Yeah, both sides are responsible for dreadful adaptations, but the problem with Hollywood is that they pick the wrong material to make into a movie. I did not watch Edge of Tomorrow neither read All You Need Is Kill, but it seemed that it was a good movie, so probably is an example of what Hollywood did right.

  • Restaurant in Hot Water For G-Cup Discounts:
    “…featured art of girls from League of Legends…” Also, I mostly see this bust size comparison chart in anime style.

  • One Piece Live Action Hollywood TV Drama Due:
    One of my fears was this, but probably they’ll rewrite the story so much, it’ll become unrecognizable. My guess is that one of the first things they will change is the age gap, after that, I can’t predict the damage. Worst case scenario is that it’ll be unrecognizable, cringeworthy, get a second season, and an announcement of a mockumentary about pokemon trainers

  • Live Action Gintama Net Series PV “Bizarrely Faithful”:
    Part of me wants to believe that it’ll be enjoyable to watch. I’ve gone crazy.


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