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Death Note Creators on Netflix Film: “It Was Great!”


Death Note creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata have shared their opinions on the upcoming and utterly despised Netflix Death Note film, revealing that they believe the film was better than expected and thus looking bound to lose the support of most their fans as a result.

According to the few that witnessed the debut screening of the film at San Diego Comic-Con, the film was “sub-par”, though opinions are sure to wildly differ upon release – Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s opinions on the movie:

Ohba: “It’s more interesting than I expected. Every bit of it is high quality and very fashionable, it’s definitely Hollywood’s Death Note. I think a wide range of people can enjoy this movie, not just fans, because there are parts that follow the original work but also changes, too.”

Obata: “I hope that people overseas who did not know Death Note until now can enjoy watching it on Netflix. Adam Wingard’s visual beauty and thrilling directorial are splendid, and create a class A thriller. This is the kind of Death Note I’d like to draw as well.”

Unlike a majority of the fanbase, the anime’s creators are seemingly unbothered by the gratuitous changes (or the fact that L is now black) as well as oblivious to the negativity that the trailers have generated…

The Netflix Death Note movie will make its fated debut on August 25th.

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