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Valve Unveils Dota TCG – Dealt Heavy Backlash


Valve, top PC games distributor and creator of the long forgotten Half Life franchise, announced that a strategy card game based upon their popular Dota franchise will soon make its arrival, prompting upset as many accuse them of flagrantly copying Blizzard’s popular Hearthstone.

The card game (known as “Artifact”) will supposedly use existing Dota characters and such, a fact that has angered many since Hearthstone is similarly a Magic: The Gathering inspired card game based on the Warcraft universe – though considering Dota originally used Warcraft characters and settings, some believe this “Artifact” is simply serving as a copy of a copy.

The brief and uninformative PV revealed during “The International 7” (the world’s largest Dota 2 tournament):

The crowd’s reaction to the game’s reveal:

The discontent may also stem from the fact that Valve have seemingly resorted to imitating successful games as opposed to releasing anything original themselves as they were once famed for – a 2018 release date has in any case been announced.

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