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New Kemono Friends Animation Horses Around




Those unable to wait for the 2nd season of the wildly revered Kemono Friends will be delighted to know that another short animation has been released, this time in celebration of the “Uma no Friends” collaboration with the JRA, introducing plenty more cute “thoroughbred” animal friends (with highly pronounced backsides) that will no doubt cause artists to start drawing up perverted illustrations of them all.

The immensely cute animation:






















More information on the collaboration can be discovered via its official site.

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  • CG Animation ist as old as 30Years now, even loved Animes like Cowboy Beebob used much CG.
    Today mostly ALL Anime Produktion uses CD Animation, BUT the CD Animation are mostly covbered with 2D Animation.
    SO, as long als I live, CG an classic Cell Animation are worked Side by Side.
    Its silly to think that CD Animation are the downfoll for ANime, but its also silly to think that ist not often used.

  • I’m personally happy that these newer MOE style anime are getting low quality 3D animation. It perfectly reflects the vapid nature of these shows and how much actual thought/creativity went into them.

    We need more like this so anime with actual substance can rightfully stand out.

      • Its just the start. 3d of that quality require very little work of a very low qualified people. Its cheaper and everybody buying it just as eagerly as 2d. Anime is business, of course sponsors and studios would take that opportunity to make cheap anime for the same amount of income. Go ahead and ignore the obvious facts.

    • “traditional animation”? You think that what is put out as (most) anime these days is traditional? Sorry, not even close.

      Go back and look at the anime from the 80s (that’s 1980s, let me be clear, as that might be before your birth). The hand-drawn, colored cel style from those days is light-years different from the usual style of today. Everything today involves some measure of computerization. They don’t draw much (beyond rough storyboards, perhaps) on paper these days, let alone cels. Everything is on the computer.

      Look at your average P.A. Works anime. Those lusciously beautiful backgrounds are there ONLY because they’re drawn on computer, and thus can be far more easily manipulated. Same with the characters. What we see today would simply not have been possible on TV anime, not just due to cost but due to time.

      Yes, today’s 3D stuff is kind of rough — but they’re in the early days of it. Go back and see some anime from the early 2000’s when they were doing more computerized stuff in bits and pieces, and that looks rough in spots too. In ten years, it will be in a place that neither you nor I can imagine right now.

      And if you are looking for charm in the animation… well, you can have the best animation in the world, but if you’re animating characters no one cares about in a story that’s boring and stupid, there will be no charm. Kemono Friends succeeds neither because of nor in spite of the animation technique. It succeeds because the story is good (though aimed primarily at kids) and the characters come alive and make you care about them. If you saw the whole season and didn’t react towards the end to what I won’t even refer to… then call the morticians and let them know you’re already dead.

      • “They don’t draw much (beyond rough storyboards, perhaps) on paper these days, let alone cels. ”

        Most animation is still done on paper.

        “Yes, today’s 3D stuff is kind of rough — but they’re in the early days of it.”

        It’s often rough because smoothly integrating 3D animation with hand-drawn animation is difficult, especially with the budgets, schedules and production fragmentation of the TV anime industry. Not because there is anything new about 3D animation in anime.