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Anime News Network Hacked


Ancient anime news site Anime News Network has been hacked by an unknown assailant, rendering the website’s original domain unusable, an event perhaps triggered by one of the site’s reviewers negatively criticizing one of the hacker’s beloved shows…

In addition to their original domain, the website’s email was also hit by the villain but staff have ensured that their servers were not compromised, endangering none of their user’s personal information – a “temporary” alternative site has been opened in the meantime.

The original Anime News Network site has been left in a rather sorry state with the time and date on display:


Twitter accounts linked to Anime News Network have also sustained damage and staff are currently hard at work attempting to fix things, with theories as to why the site was attacked have ranged from the culprit being an attention-seeking script kiddie to an attack performed in defense of an ANN maligned franchise…

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