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Restaurant in Hot Water For G-Cup Discounts


Women have once again been feeling “objectified” over the actions of another dastardly male as one Chinese restaurant has offered discounts to busty ladies, causing some internet-browsing feminists and SJWs to feel insecure about their grotesque bodies.

The restaurant (located in Zhejiang province) reportedly started receiving a great deal of negative criticism after hanging up an advertisement stating that they will offer discounts to both women (and men, sadly) based on their bust size – with those possessing a G-cup being offered an equally massive 65% discount.

The advertisement, which unsurprisingly featured art of girls from League of Legends and is no doubt breaking copyright laws:


Unsurprisingly, the advertisement generated the business much more attention, with customer numbers apparently rising by 20% – most of the women who came to the establishment felt proud of their bust size however, unlike all the sensitive feminists online who described the ad as “discriminatory towards women” and “vulgar”.

Despite the ad campaign being a success, the restaurant has since removed it – possibly before a horde of angry women end up marching down to the establishment to fuel their war against evil cis oppression complex.

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