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Ghost in the Shell FPS Shuts Down “Can’t Catch A Break!”


The unique Ghost in the Shell FPS will be shutting down in Japan come November 29th (only one year after it launched), an event that can’t have proved too shocking as it was regarded by many as nothing more than a cash-grab utilizing the anime’s fast-fading good name.

Nexon’s Japanese branch gave the sad news via the game’s Japanese page, while no particular reason was specifically stated, some are assuming that the overall low favor that the Japanese have for mindless first person shooters (let alone ones that seem to be nothing more than poor Call of Duty clones) was the main cause – it has not been stated if the western version of the game will suffer the same fate.

An old PV, which unsurprisingly used several scenes from the anime to motivate watchers into playing:

Along with the poorly performing live action movie, it seems the Ghost in the Shell franchise can’t catch a break…

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