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Street Fighter Modders Beaten With DMCAs


Street Fighter 5 modders have been dealt DMCA notices by Capcom demanding they stop all modding activity, supposedly because they are utilizing copyrighted material and even making money via their modding – though it may well simply be the case that Capcom now feels they are eating into its precious DLC shekels.

The notices (sent to two popular modders) claimed that the accused have been using copyrighted material to make their mods, declaring that they have no right to receive income (via Patreon) from “stolen goods” despite the fact that there are numerous other mods that use copyrighted content…

Implementation of characters from other franchises, such as Zero Suit Samus and Mai Shiranui are only a handful of the mods the duo have accomplished, though some have speculated that Capcom may also be annoyed over their participation in the creation of nude models of Street Fighter characters.

One of their latest contributions to the modding world:

One modder has put an end to his ways entirely as a result of the DMCA, while the other has instead chosen to close his Patreon but intends to continue making mods.

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