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Final Fantasy XIV @ 10 Million: “It Will Beat WoW!”


Second rate MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has been hastily catching up to World of Warcraft as it has now accumulated over 10 million registered accounts, which hardcore fanboys and critics may heatedly argue to be due to either an increase in quality for Final Fantasy XIV or a decrease in quality for World of Warcraft…

Many are naturally surprised by this astonishing accomplishment considering how much of a disaster the game’s initial launch was, but Square Enix have refused to give up on it since then and have managed to nurture their prized possession into a game that hordes of players have now become addicted to in true MMORPG fashion – with many even having hopes that the game will eventually surpass the powerhouse that is World of Warcraft.

The 10 million unfortunately also includes a gargantuan number of trial accounts, most of which have likely been played on for an hour or two before never being logged into again, though the same could likely be said of any online title with such free versions on offer – how many paying subscribers there are is another matter.

Square Enix has credited the game’s success to their relentlessness in providing updates and content – as well as the game’s latest expansion “Stormblood”, of course.

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