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First Shakugan no Shana Novel in 4 Years


The September 2017 volume of Dengeki Bunko magazine has revealed that a new novel is in the works for the beloved Shakugan no Shana series, serving as the first new entry into the franchise in over 4 years despite the light novels having ended a long time ago…

The magazine scan from the 57th volume, which comes out today:



The release seems to be in celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary, but many are curious just what exactly the novel will cover – some may have also preferred a new anime season instead…

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  • Heavy Sigh

    Shakugan No Shana…

    As much as I hate to admit it, I was actually intrigued by the anime’s first and second seasons. The third season took me out of that illusion and made me kind of sick to watch. Maybe it was because J.C.Staff was in such a hurry to get it over with, that they didn’t spare the season it’s storytelling pacing that made the first two actually quite enjoyable to watch. (I probably would have split it up into 2 seasons if there was THAT much story to cover…)

    As for the light novels, I didn’t get the chance to read them, to know if the light novels actually took the time to explain things in a much more relaxed approach, but I am probably sensing that it probably did.

    As for a continuation of the series… I’m not certain how they could continue it, and how effective it could be, since the series seemed to have a definitive ending. Or maybe that was just me…

    • KugiRie is fine IF they stop typecasting her as a violent tsundere. I liked her in Dragon Crisis as Rose. That was a breath of fresh air coming from her after her Three Pillars of Tsu roles…

      Ami carried Toradora for me. (She kept the character dynamics interesting enough to watch; otherwise, you knew the basic ending just from the set-up.) Taiga wasn’t bad given the plot, but the plot was… Eh. (Again, mainly because I knew the ending just from the set-up.)

      I tried Shana and couldn’t get past a few eps in: (A) Too shounen for me and (B) I didn’t start it until the height of KugiRie fever, so I was overdosed on Her Royal Tsun-ness. (This was post-Zero No Tsukaima…)

      And Louise was just a bitch (and the Zero plot went to trash in the anime.)

      • KawaiiPinkLouise says:

        A lot of people misunderstand this, but in the case of ToraDora, it’s not about IF Ryuuji and Taiga get together, it’s about HOW they get together. If the point was to whether or not they get together, the story would be boring as hell, because it’s made obvious from the first few moments that’s the point. It’s Taiga and Ryuuji’s growing bond and how they start to really feel about each other that makes the show.

        A YouTuber actually covered this in his review of the anime, I think it was Glass Reflection… not sure though.

  • Love of my life. Now if only someone can pick up where Viz failed to follow through after volumes 2 of both the light novel and manga releases here; it would be much appreciated.

    As far as more anime being produced, never say never. Just because they called the last season Final doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no chance of more being made. This is a good first step at the very least. I was always curious what their world is like after the end of season 3.