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World of Warcraft Gold “Worth More Than Venezuelan Money”


Despite hordes of naysayers claiming the world-renowned MMORPG to have died long ago, World of Warcraft has still proven to be a highly profitable endeavor as the game’s in-game gold currency is now more valuable than the Venezuelan bolivar.

According to one Twitter user, analysis of Venezuela’s black market (which is apparently the most common method of exchanging currency in the country) revealed that $1 could be obtained for about 8,493 bolivars.

A WoW game token however (an item that can be purchased for $20 and then sold on the auction house for buyers to acquire a month of playtime in exchange for in-game gold) is worth about 8,385 gold per dollar.

Back in May, 279 Venezuelan bolivars were equivalent to $1, causing many to blame President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist regime for the country’s massive currency collapse, which has apparently caused a shortage for nearly every conceivable product – from food to normal everyday items (economic sanctions issued by the U.S. did not aid the matter).

Granted, it may no longer be surprising that the currency of a run-down country that is growing ever more destitute by the second is worth less than the currency of an absurdly popular online game…

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