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Fake Taxi Driver’s License Pic “Was Japanese Idol”


Police have detained an illegal taxi driver after it was discovered that his license contained the mug of Japanese idol Satoshi Ohno as opposed to his own, naturally prompting questions from far and wide as to how he could make such a “mistake” in addition to fits of rage from the idol’s crazed fangirls.

Shanghai police stopped a suspicious taxi on Jiangsu Road but the driver had refused to show them his driving and vehicle licenses, prompting police to find them within the vehicle and discovering that they all possessed a photo of Japanese idol Satoshi Ohno – who naturally looked nothing like the holder of the licenses:



Confessing to his crimes, the illegal driver claimed he purchased the “cloned” taxi online along with the fake licenses for about 10,000 yuan (almost $1500) whilst for some reason disregarding the source of the photo (the thought of being pulled over apparently never crossing his mind).

In addition, the man had illegally put a motor in the taxi that would defraud passengers by allowing him to tamper with the meter, naturally coming as no surprise considering the fake license and vehicle – the criminal was subjected to 10 days of administrative detention and his taxi confiscated.

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    • This happens all the time. I would never work for Uber, or use the service. Uber is not federally mandated. For everyone wanting to make money that way you can just save up, get a few good used cars and rent them now days. Then you can sell them and get better ones. If you don’t want to do that you can always just charge your co-works for rides and use it on your taxes.


      • Well. Taxi drivers in my country have to go through phisical and a skill test before getting their license. It’s the only advantage that you have over Uber or private services. You know they have the skills to control the car in tought situations, they can see and hear well and things like that, but I hardly ever take a taxi. I just walk/skate everywhere. I’d get a car but I don’t need it right now. Weather is good and work is close to my place so it’d be a waste of phisical power. I see so many people wasting their body everyday it’s sad. Our legs took many years to evolve and their the best at what they do. Why waste such an amazing gift?

      • So you don’t use a ride service that’s not federally mandated, but you expect others to use a gypsy car rental service? If you can save up enough to buy a “few” good cars, then you don’t need to work for uber. You aren’t going to beat out enterprise on price or safety or piece of mind.
        As for charging your coworks for rides, that gets old fast. I’ve done it b4 and that is assuming you have coworkers who live near you. Which in the end, the time x wear and tear don’t make it worth it… unless you make minumum wage.