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School Busted Up “Just Like Higurashi”


The windows and door panes of a highschool in Tochigi prefecture have been destroyed by an unknown perpetrator, an incident blamed on horror anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni as the remaining windows had the word “higurashi” written across them.

Arriving at the school early in the morning, a male teacher at the school found that about 12 total windows and door panes were vandalized which prompted him to call the police – though the most peculiar aspect of the case would naturally be the word “higurashi” which was written across the remaining windows of the school’s staff room.

Other schools in the area have apparently been suffering from similar cases within the past two weeks, totaling about 64 destroyed windows and doors in total, and causing many online critics to suspect the culprit to be some delusional otaku unable to discern reality from fiction.

A video covering the incident:

Police are currently investigating the incidents and attempting to see if there is a connection between them (which there most likely will), though many surely can’t help but feel that the crime will end up further sullying the reputation of more just and upstanding otaku.

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