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Sony Develops Anime Girl Narrators




Sony will soon be offering an “avatar agent service” where scripts for videos and the like can be converted into voice by way of a cute anime girl alongside the screen, letting content creators everywhere harness the power of cute 2D girls.

Sawamura Midori, the world’s first virtual news reader (as opposed to the first virtual YouTuber), will be voiced by established seiyuu Kotobuki Minako (known for her roles of K-ON’s Tsumugi and Hibike! Euphonium’s Asuka) and has had test runs all throughout July – Sony intends to target TV and radio stations with this unique text-to-speech (and text-to-anime-girl) service.

A video introducing and explaining the concept:

The service will also allow users to turn on subtitles, change the position of the 3D CG service girl and other miscellaneous functionalities for otaku to play with in order to maximize their intake of the cute anime girl on screen – though some will no doubt hope that other girls will be released in addition.

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