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Nara Deer To Be Killed Off


Some of the precious “bowing” deer synonymous with Nara will soon be culled in an attempt to reduce their gibs-fuelled numbers, naturally generating hatred amongst animal-lovers despite action being inevitable due to their very un-Japanese birthrates.

Hordes of people constantly flock to Nara in order to witness the city’s famous bowing deer, but due to the animals constantly wandering off to nearby farms and eating their crops, Nara authorities have requested permission from the Cultural Affairs Agency in Tokyo to thin their numbers – which they have allowed.

Humane box-type traps will be laid out to capture 120 deer on the eastern outskirts of Nara park, naturally prompting rage from animal-lovers, though the deputy head of Nara prefecture’s park office stated that only deer who wander outside the park’s “priority protection zone” (a new zoning policy introduced last year to protect the deer) will be caught and slaughtered.

While the deer have learned to live alongside humans, they have been known to occasionally get rough, with 121 people being victims of aggressive deer just last year – the worst incidents however were one case of a broken bone and six where the victims needed stitches.

Deer currently outnumber the humans in Nara by almost 2 to 1 and experts opine that this could rise to 3 to 1 within the next five years, although strangely the natural solution of introducing a pack of Nara wolves seems to be off the table for now…

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