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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Models “Meant to Look Awful”



Capcom have assured the masses of fans complaining about the quality of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s character models that a day-one patch will fix these issues, with the fix easily being overshadowed by the fact that the models for the Capcom characters were supposedly made to look bad on purpose…

According to a former Capcom intern, he heard “rumors” that Disney ordered artists to purposefully make the Capcom models look horrible in order to make the Marvel characters look better in comparison – though many have doubted these claims as the former intern says that he somehow didn’t need to sign an NDA (Capcom projects frequently require this of employees).

The undeniably special rather awful character models that will supposedly be fixed with a day-one patch:





The game’s ugly graphical interface has been subject to criticism as well:


When the demo arrived a month ago, one particular player pointed out how awful Chun-Li’s walk cycle is (in addition to her face):

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be making its way to Xbox One, PC and PS4 on September 19th.

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