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Father Builds Daughter Functional D.Va Mech




One talented builder has constructed a functional D.Va mech (from Blizzard FPS Overwatch) for his daughter, a truly astounding feat to surely earn a phenomenal amount of praise and attention considering how popular the FPS is and bound to push the limits of cosplay as they currently stand.

A video of the mech in action courtesy of the builder’s daughter:

A playlist depicting the construction process:

The thrusters apparently blow smoke and the arms can be moved up and down by way of controllers, riders steer the mech within the torso of the machine and it even comes equipped with a sound system to project D.Va’s voice-lines.

The stunning masterpiece cost under $1,000 to construct and will be present at MechaCon this weekend, followed by DragonCon this September (suggesting it might not have been just for the sake of his daughter after all…).

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