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North Korean ICBM Nearly Hits Hokkaido


The notorious Kim Jong Un has continued to make himself a more noticeable annoyance by launching a 2nd ICBM, this time landing in the Sea of Japan with the dictator proclaiming that best Korea is now capable of striking any part of the United States.

The missile launch, a continuation of the first missile test that happened not even a month ago, was conducted late at night, traveling about 1,000 km and flying to a height of about 3,500 km before finally landing in Japan’s exclusive economic zone 150 km northwest of Okushiri Island – about 18 km from the coast of Hokkaido.

The missile was visible from Hokkaido itself:

Flying for about 45 minutes, the ICBM lasted about 5 minutes longer than the first and apparently serves as proof that North Korea is now capable of launching a surprise attack on any part of the United States, according to Kim Jong Un – he further stated that the test was meant to “send a warning” to the US about its “senseless remarks” and “being lost to reason”:

“If the Yankees brandish the nuclear stick on this land again despite our repeated warnings, we will clearly teach them manners with the nuclear strategic force”.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated in typical anemic terms that he condemns it but will not do anything in particular about it:

“In defiance of the international community’s strong protest and warning, North Korea again launched a ballistic missile. We strongly protest against North Korea and condemn this in the harshest words.”

“As long as North Korea continues with this kind of provocative action, there is no other choice than to work closely with the United States and South Korea, as well as with countries including China and Russia, and the international community, while further bolstering pressure on the reclusive country.”

As usual with North Korea, just what negotiating position the desperate state is attempting to bolster this time is a matter of some speculation…

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