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NEET Streaker “Wanted to Move Out”


A NEET walking with his mother in Kobe City was arrested for spontaneously stripping down in public, with the streaker stating that his indecent exposure was meant to help him move out – naturally baffling many with his logic.

The 26-year-old man, who was accompanied by his mother, began stripping for no particular reason whilst walking down the street; his surprised mother began picking up his discarded clothing in hopes that he would put them back on, but alas the man was eventually completely nude.

Police were immediately called to the scene by mortified onlookers who arrested the streaker for being a “public nuisance”.

When questioned by police, the man admitted to his crime claiming:

“I wanted to move. I figured that if I embarrassed my parents then I would have to move out.”

If the man wanted to leave (or perhaps leave with his family to a new location, such details are unclear), many claimed that his best course of action would have been to first secure a paying job…

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