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    • Anonymous says:

      these are local stores and if you buy them physical some stores will give out prizes and freebies or some coupons. having a line outside of your shop is a good advertisement for other people who are passing by.

      • Bull. Shit. Evidently the line is only for fans and god bless any brave naive soul wondering what the line is about. At least if it is food like ramen etc, there’s a payoff: the flavor rendition that store is selling which, if you find it in your own taste to be good, you now have an incentive to go back.

        The fucking gamestore has none of that payoff and the only thing you could hope for are discounts for purchasing “in-event”. If you’re not participating in that said event, you’re screwed for buying another game that’s not in the event requirements.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m confused but what the fuck does your color of your skin have anything to do with your “ability” to get DQXI ahead of them without making a line? I know this is Sankaku so live long and prosper God Emperor Trump and shit but what are you on about?

      Oh and also this game is still only in Japanese and only available over there. No western localization until 2018 confirmed, btw.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol, good for you, lol. Now go suck on a bag of dicks stretched cunts, that you had your fun with nothing better going on in your life, lol.

      Personally not the kind of person who would line up for such a event, lol, at least they are being outside, having passion for something, even if it is just some consumer goods, lol.

      Bet you are the kind of average shat customers who can’t even wait in a 5~10 minutes extend cueing line in the supermarket with AC on full blast, lol. No wait, your mom or boy toy probably does the shopping and cooking for you, lmaf lol.

      One thing I don’t get is, why does this for DQXI? It is not like this is going to be forever out of stock anywhere, or is a super ultra special limited edition.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyway, only speaking as someone who might consider having this on a wishlist with other games or dlcs, waiting for a break or holiday sales special with a good discount, to even consider purchasing.